Ohio Dominican University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I attended school here, I wish I knew how bad the liberal arts classes required to take would screw me over if I wanted to transfer over to another school in the future. Also with the liberal arts, they make the student really think about life and the world around them, but does not prepare them for the future.


That we teach ourselves in some of the classes.


I wish I had known how to more effectively use academic advisors to plan classes and check for classes that fulfill multiple requirements and to look for prereqs. in scheduling classes and electives.


I wish I realized just how valuable advanced plancement (AP) courses were. I would have taken far more and saved way more money on college courses. I also wish I had been more aware of how expensive textbooks are and thus been more proactive in saving up cash and maybe even getting a part-time job.


I wish i had known that each year, the tuition can likely be raised.


I wish I would have known how much expansion would take place while I was attending Ohio Dominican because the construction often made it difficult to navigate campus and find a parking spot.


That the food could have been more better and appetizing. There are not much that vegetarians could eat and the cafeteria is only open at certain times a day. It is sad that it is the only place students can eat on campus. It is not very fresh or attracting.


Th eimportance of grades, and G.P.A's


I wish I had known about the tension between those who are preserving the truth of the Church and those who only teach their own opinion. I wish that I had known a lot of my Theology classes would not teach me about the Church but rather about a professor's own ideas.