Oregon Institute of Technology Top Questions

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Very small class sizes and professors want to get to know you. Small campus, easy to get around and find what you need.


There's a strong emphasis on getting right into your field of study. The Computer Systems Engineering Technology department puts their students in a hands-on learning environment from the first term of enrollment.


one thing that i really noticed that is unique is the amount of one on one time with teachers. They are very helpful and are always willing to give thier undevided attention. I also love the fact that most our classes consist of twenty five students or less this allows us to have a better chance for asking questions and voicing our opinions. I also noticed that this school is one in three schools that provide a bachelors degree in ultrasound and it is pretty cheap to attend the school.


The job placement out of OIT especially in my field of study is greater than 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. This is far above any other school I looked at when I was searching for schools to go to.




size of classrooms and programs


The school is small enough the professors are willing to help you at any costs. Everyone knows everybody making you feel comftorable and welcome at all times. The student body are determined to learn and earn their degree; thus, students do not have to be distracted by other students who are focused.


OIT is career focused and they will get in and out and get you the education you need to succeed


There are many techinal programs that this school offers and graduates are in high demand when they graduate. The school is small enough to get to know all your teachers and students in your class. It really helps in getting the most out of each class and program.


This school is the most progressive school in the nation in regards to Renewable Energy. It offers the only Renewable Energy Engineering degree in the nation, and the campus will be exclusively powered by green energy soon. If you have a desire to free the world dependence on fossil fuels, come to OIT (Portland, OR Campus).


The small class sizes and the amount of help faculty member give to students.


OIT is a very technilogicaly based school. Many of the programs give you hands on experience and many opportunities to work in the environment of the degree you are seeking. Its also one of the few schools in southern Oregon that has a very competitive sports program even though its not your typical university sports teams.