Oregon Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who is interested in any of the programs provided my OIT. I also encourage any individuals who are interested in education to check into taking classes even if you don't have a program in mind yet.


Anyone interested in the medical, dental, engineering, or communication field. There is an oppurtunity for everyone.


Students who are very focused about school. You may still be confused about what career you want to go into but needs to at least know what kind of career field you want to go into. Students also need to be very social. We have about 150 clubs on campus so there is much to do on campus and some things to do in the community.


One that is focused on their future and strives to do their best.


A person who is dedicated to their studies and field of choice. A person who is responsible for their own success but is willing to help others achieve their own success. A person who enjoys a small, intimate campus in the middle of a rural area where you get one-on-one attention from instructors and know they are there to help you succeed.


People should attend this school if they love the small school feeling and want to get a hands-on experience in the field they want to study.


Mostly students interested in technical areas, such as engineering or computers.


someone who is not looking for a party enviornment


The kind of person that should attend this school is a well goal-oriented person, mainly focused and willing to accomplish their dreams.


Someone that is ready for a challenge. The teachers are very good but also very demanding. You must be prepared to give up your weekends, and spend more than a few nights not sleeping, but studying all night. In the end however I think it is worth it.


Serious students who are more intersted in learning than building relationships should attend OIT. Students who value small classes and personalized attention from professors would be a good fit. The school is great for students studying engineering or computer science.


Focused, balanced, hard-working


Students that are eager to learn and are willing to put forth the effort.


Everyone should attend this school.


People with a lot of motivation.


This school is very open. I dont think that there is any certain type of person that should or shouldn't attend this school. Everyone is very readily accepted around campus and there is not a lot of descrimination. It doesn't matter what race you are or religion. You will be widely accepted.