Oregon Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I belive the best thing about Oregon Tech is the class experiance. The teachers are very nice and very helpful. The class sizes are extreamly small. My teachers are committed to helping the students achive during school and after school. They teach us the real world experiance, what to expect and how to do it right from the start. In my class there are only 6 people and we will work together for the next three years. This advantage will make us work with groups and get to know eachother and work well with eachother also.


Although I have not gone to Oregon Institute of Technology yet, I do know that they have one of the best radiology programs. I want to go there to get the best education I can so that I can perform at my best once I start working in the medical imaginf field.


Good curriculum, good facility, excellant professors, help if you need it. Beautiful spot on a hill easy to get to town.


The small classrooms, newer equipment for medical imaging technology programs. The small town climate and low cost of living, as well as affordable education for an awesome education.


I love the quality and dedication of my schools professors. This combined with the small class size makes a great learning environment.


The atmosphere is student friendly, family friendly, great opportunities to learn and apply experience


The instructors are phenominal. They are intelligent, caring, and want you to be successful. They are great resources and want you to achieve all your goals. The instructors have the education and experience that makes you look up to them and respect them. They are definitely held in high regard.


The teachers and the degree I am seeking.


Small size, small student:professor ratio, excellent health programs


15:1 student faculty ratio.


The best thing about my school is the fact that the teachers know what they are doing, and are very effective in delivering information. I have never learned a subject as well as I learned C++ from OIT.


The hands on learning from professors with real world experience in their field.


Small class sizes, lab based teaching and experienced professors.