Pacific Northwest College of Art Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Pacific Northwest College of Art?


The amazing support of the teachers and other students. I have learned so many traits that I did not have before going to school. Pacific Nortwest College of arts has given me new tools to use in the Art world.


It has a great Printmaking studio.


The tiny class sizes.


MY school revolves all their curriclum on art projects, allowing students to be very creative.


When discussing my school, I often admit that am most proud of it's resources and facilities as well as the community aspect of the school. PNCA offers a variety of labs for each field of study, as well as affordable studio space, comfortable learning environments, and plenty of opportunities for the students to engage in the surrounding community. The teachers are friendly and understanding, and know each of their fields well, enabling me to receive the education I am looking for.