Pacific Union College Top Questions

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My school is a Seven Day Adventist college thus the students are required to have a certain amount to worship credits throughout the quarters. This requirement forces the students to stop studying and come spend time with God. I love that they integrate God into our lives and force us to forget about the strggles of life and simple enjoy and emerse ourselves in the love and acceptance of God. Also, the staff and people of my college have always been helpful. I truly feel like I could approach any adult on this campus and ask for help.


Compared to other schools, the unique thing about my current school is that the community in which the college is based is very close-knit and therefore, the college staff and students are very close. There is so much to do and so much that the school offers spiritually and academically. Since academic excellance is strongly portrayed at this school, there is no tolerance for drugs and alcohol. You will only grow maturely and mentally from this institute.


The Surrounding area is BEAUTIFUL. The teachers are amazing, and they really help you learn what you need to. The spirituality is very strong, but there is never any pressure to change your views.