Pellissippi State Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Nobody respects the "SILENT" zones in the study rooms or lab. Also, there's this guy in the open computer lab that just HAS to touch the mouthpiece of your water bottle while telling you to put it up or asking if he can hold onto it while you're in the lab. Way creepy guy.


The most frustrating thing about attending Pellissippi State Community College is that when you are taking a specific, excedingly hard class, the best you can do is to try your best. Some classes are easier than others, but one class may be more challenging than the others. You may have to try harder, but if that strategy doesn't work out, you may need to just do the best you can and accept that limitation. When I am taking a class that is excedingly challenging for me , I set my minimum goal at a C, but if possible, an B.


Some of the campuses are very run down, and it feels like we are in a jail.