Phoenix College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Phoenix is supportive.


I attend college courses online, my classes I take at my own scheduled time.


My school is very easily accessible from anywhere.


Phoenix College is a good college for a few reasons: first, it is small. This is nice because it lowers the stress of being late for class. Second, with having a small college you know more people at the college and in some cases, take the same classes that your friends are taking. Third, Phoenix College has a variety of things you can study and it also has day and night classes. These are just a few resons why Phoenix College is great.


The University of Phoenix's on-line schooling program has been very rewarding and helpful to me to be able to fulfill a dream come true of obtaining a college education.


My school is simply phenominal, it has everything I need wrapped up in one building.


My school treats students as students instead of a number.


The Axia at the Unviersity of Phoenix is will structured on-line course format.


My school is very schedule friendly and allows me to take courses when i need to.

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