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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First I would say, don't take a year off, prepare to start college the same year you graduate. In recent sudies by the National Center for Education Statistics only six percent of students who took a gap year earned their B.A. or B.S. during a ten year period. In contrast 42 percent of students who entered college the same year of graduating high school completed a B.A. or B.S. in that same ten year period. The longer you wait the harder it is to start a lot of things, especially college. I would also tell myself to think of college as an internship into my dream career. The more effort and hard work you put in during that internship the greater the chances of getting hired into your dream career. Yes, you will have to learn how to manage your time and studies better in college. Yes, you may not have any friends there when you first start college. Lastly, and most importantly, "Yes" college can be some of the best and most rewarding days of your life. I know, because college is the best decision I have ever made.


I would tell my self to go to college right away to leave all my problems behind and dive into my books. youll never get over waiting to go to school youll wait so long it becomes to late. Doubting your abilty to finish school will stop you before you even get a chance your better then that you can do it. I now have a child and a not so awesome career and I want to better myself for my sons future. Show him that school can take you where ever you want to go.


My advice to my high school self would be to talk with your guidance counsler's, make sure that you have taken all of the necessary steps to prepare yourself for college and take advantage of the available help. I would also suggest not to take a "break" during transition, life can be very distracting. Consider the time line, by the age of twenty-two you can have your BS, by the age of twenty-six you may have a career vs. a job. At the end of the day, education was, has been, and still is very important take advantage of all of the opportunities because it can be a once in a life time experience that you don't want to miss.




As a high school senior, I would have told myself to stop stressing. In December of my junior year of high school, I decided it would be a great idea for me to graduate early which resulted in the emotional pain, stress, and work of three semesters crammed in to just one. Looking back, I should have made a plan, stopped stressing, and lived in the moment. I got one chance at being a high school senior and I lived it all in that semester. I wish someone had been there to tell me "I believe in you" or "It gets better."


If I were able to return back in time, I would definitely try to return back before my senior year of high school. Senior year is a busy year and it involves a lot of planning. College tests, tours and applications can get the best of you if you do not get a head start. As the semester starts I would remind myself that this is a semester just like any other and your academic life depends on it. With the great amount of time during senior year being devoted in-between class trips and activities, the time ticks on the college doors. I did not think it was so important to finish high school well. When I arrived in college, I wasted half of my first year just taking remedial classes. Not only did I have these classes as requirements but I also had to pay them out of pocket with no college credits. If I would have planned better, I would have paid more attention during my high school time and also would have study for these classroom placement classes. There are other many other ways to sweeten the process to college but need to be started early.


I would go and tell my self that there is no need to stay at a community college, that there a lot of different scholarships and financial aid support that is given to first in family university students, that there is so many bigger achievements then attending a community college, to dream even bigger, strive to acheve those dreams by any means possible and to continue to grow and learn.


I would advice myself about preparing better for my future. I need to study harder, and do more research about different assignments and projects in school. I would need to create more connections between me and all around me to be able to influence people to do the right things. I would tell myself that I have choice the right career for my life because I sill want to study economics and accounting. I would try to help my community by doing social work or volunteer work. Also, I would consider to study programs in advance to improve my knowledge and my skills to suceed in an university. I would recommend to go to campus where I have decided to study to see how everything works. And, it is important to talk with students, teachers, counselor advisors, and other employees in the facility to have a better idea how they feel in the environment. I would say to me that stadistic and numbers are good for having an idea, but seing, talking, touching and feeling the new campus is an excepcional experience for the process of deciding to go to your future school or not.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would encourage myself to stay positive and not matter how hard it gets to never give up on my dreams. Also I would make myself set goals and stick to them no matter what, have some short term as well as long term goals and to be more active in the community. Another bit of advice I would give myself is to encourage other to go to college not only for them self’s but for his or her future to become whatever it is they want to become as a college graduate.


Take good notes these will bethe basis of every paper, assignment, or discussion that you have in school. Notes should be organized, written clearly and its nice to add comments that peers or instructors make that helped you understand the material. Learn how to use technology and the software that it has avaiable because that more you are familiar with software the easier the transistion will be. Online or in the classromm technology is not a staple in education, many jobs will look for those skills to be learned in college. College is a real responsibility so make sure that it is a priority in your life, do not neglect school with the ideas that you can do it any time. Come early, stay late the more time you invest into your education the more you will get out of it. Be fearless in your attempts to understand and streangthen your learning weaknesses, do not be afraid to ask for help. Fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons people leave college, but know that just like in anything else in life it takes time to master. Keep the faith, determination and focus!


I wouldv'e went to college while i was a teenager than an adult.


If i was in high school now, i would really look into alot of schools to choose and do alot of research, get help about different school and tour around the schools to see what best. I would even look into apply all the scholorship to get help to pay for my college. Cause back then i didn't know that budget would be so low and hard to afford for school. Also i would tell myself to go straight to college and not wait until wait will hold u back to get your goal that u want. Always look into college even u dont think u would want to go in college but it always best to look into colleges for furture.. College is the best things to go to get what ur want for your goal.


If I could go back in time and knew now what I know now about online schooling I would have applied and went to school and worked at the same time. I was not able to work full time and support my daughter and go to school so I gave up school and worked to support us.


The adivse I would have given my high school self would be, do not assume college will be just like high school. I did really well in high school academically, but I think it is because we were under constant supervision. College is a whole different world; in which I still did well, but it was a lot more work. There are a lot more freedoms and temptations that you, as an adult, are now responsible for. Professors are there to help, but they are no longer there to be your day-time sitter. They teach and answer questions; your grades are your problem, not theirs. They get paid whether you pass or fail. Just stay motivated to finish on time and with good grades. Four years is just grains of sand in the hour glass compared to the last twelve years you have put in.


If I change the past then my future would change. I am not happy that I waited so long to go to college, but I am happy with the children I have had .they are a delight no matter what challenges we have had to face. I would not want to give up having them for the world. I would just go and say one thing. The future is what you want to make of it, make the best of it for you.


Study hard and learn to make positive choices. Should have listened to my parents about studying. Create really good study habits and read all the books that you can. Pay better attention in math class.


While attending college, I have learned that all things are possible through determination and will power. I feel so motivated to complete my degree and start my career everytime I walk on campus. The entire atomosphere is wonderful and I feel safe while in class. The interaction with fellow students and with teachers really help me to keep pushing forward toward my career. I feel like Phoenix College is the perfect fit for me because it "fits" into my schedule. They have a variety of classes and times which makes the flexibility even easier.


In the Spring of 2007, I began my college career at a local community college. I attended full time taking out student loans to help finance my education. Due to hardships consisting of had lived with an abusive parent and loss of employment when my employer went bankrupt, I had to temporarily postpone my education. During my time, I have accumulated forty-two (42) credit hours and an experience that I will never forget. A time in my life when I thought all hope was lost and that I was worthless and had no talents. I found my calling at this community college. I experienced first hand the joys of helping others by bridging the gaps between languages. Whether it be Sign Language for the deaf or hearing impaired, or a foreign language such as French or Spanish. I enjoy learning about other cultures and becoming emersed within the language. Living in a country that is the biggest melting pot , Interpreters/Translators are in high demand. In this rough economy, it is important to me to further my education so that I may succeed in life to help the governement, schools, or hospitals with the language barriers they may have.


well i just started college and i plan on sticking to it as much as i can getting any and every experience i can.


I am to attend the Art Institute of Chicago next year. I value my attendence to this school becuse of its intense environment. Art is important to every culture and has been through out time. It is timeless. Art will always have importance but it is such a risk to pursue it. All I can do is work my hardest and see where I go.


My college experience has had its ups and downs as it took me some time to get serious about school and find an area of study that interests me. After trying out some different majors, I believe that I have settled on one, Conservation Biology, which will lead me to a career in which I will be passionate about. Throughout my college experience I have faced challenges which I did not think I could handle yet time and time again, have been able to succeed. This has been one of the most valuable gifts that I have obtained in my college career thus far because it has shown me that I don?t always know my own limits and that I should always strive to better myself. I believe that this will be a valuable asset for me when I get into my career as I will have this experience to look back on and know that I am the only thing that limits myself and will hopefully be able to continue to grow as a student, employee, and human being.


This being the first year so far has retaught me to understand the basics and slowly introducing the new. It is very valuable to me to further my education to provide a better life for myself and my two children.


I see me at seventeen. Young, full of life and with so many opportunities ahead. At that age I saw none of this. I am here to tell the girl standing in front of me that education is everything. You see, I am looking at myself in my last year of high school: eleventh grade. I am a high school drop out. You wouldn't know it if you saw me today. I am still young, full of life and I have endless opportunities ahead; I am also a wife and mother of one, a successful second year college student with a 4.0 grade point average in pursuit of a career in emergency medicine. Nine years ago I couldn't have even dreamed this would be my life. So I am here, today, to tell my younger self that even the biggest and most extravagant goals are not unrealistic. Determination, commitment and creativity are all you need to create your future. I happen to know, you have what it takes! Establish your potential in life and then choose to realize your dreams. Individuals make choices at almost every interval in life. Are you making the right choice?


If I could go back to high school and talk to myself I would give myself a new mindset about college. College is hard only if you make it hard, also financial aid is going to be your best friend basically because they will give you free money. Sure the paperwork is long and hard, but it will all pay off in the end. As long as you do all your work, and study ever so often you will be successful in college. Apply for scholarships because any little money will help, it's better than paying for college out of pocket. Also have fun in college its a life experience that only few people get to experience.


I would tell myself it is okay to make mistakes. Live life and don't regret anything. Living in the past means you are not moving forward. Make choices and move on. Try new things and don't be afraid to be silly. It's more fun that way! It's okay to say no. You cannot please everyone at the expense of yourself. Read your textbooks! You cannot pass a class by just attending. Be a good friend. You never know when you will need a good one in return. Don't forget about your family. Make time for them to keep your relationships strong. And lastly, don't be afraid to speak your opinion. Your matters just as much as everyone elses.


If I was given that chance what would I say? What friends to make, what classes to take or not take? I would say only one thing: Trust God in ALL things. This might seem bizzare advise but there is a reason behind it. The reason is I am a Chrsitain and trusting God is a huge thing in my relationship with Him. But there have been times during college that I did not turst Him and it led to the problem of anxiety. Therefore, I would tell myself: "Trust God when you feel overburdened with homework and when the due dates are approaching. Trust Him when the professor is strict and hard to please. Trust Him when you are worried about your grade. For we are not called to bear our burdens alone, but to 'Cast our anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.' And when you trust Him, He will give you peace - for He knows all things and is in control of all things." This would be the one thing that I would say that would have changed my college experience completely.


I would advise myself to stay the course. So many times in my life I have become distracted by life's troubles and opportunities that I have ignored the core things that will truly help get you through life, such as family, friends, and yes, college. College requires so much more concentration and effort than high school, as well as critical thinking application. Realize that there are so many wonderful things in life, and foremost of them is being able to provide for your family. College requires hours of study and thought, as well as being placed to the fore in your thinking. What that means, as I said is to simply STAY THE COURSE!


Well for starters i would tell myself to relax because college isn't the big scary place that we all think it is when we are in high school. Everyone thinks that going to college is the end of the world and that your going to have these classes that end your life as you know it. however, that isn't so much the case, college for me has been an eye opener and if you want to make it in life you need to have a great education. which means you can not allow the crazy rumors about college to get the best of you because college is not as hard nor as bad as many teachers, parents, and/or friends may say it will be.


I would tell myself to focus more on getting scholarships and getting into a University. I would also tell myself to take the SAT more seriously and study for it a bit more than how I actually did it. Since most of the high end scholarships required community service I would have also advised me to get into more community service hours that what I had recieved when I was in NHS. I would tell myself to focus less on entertainment pleasures and try and plan out for my career a bit more.


College is another step in one's life that one should consider seriously before jumping in. After high school, take time to work and learn what the working world is all about. With the experience of work behind one, one will have the insight to how the business world works and the experience of discipline and determination that it takes to combine family time, work time (if one needs to work) and school time to fulfill the dream of earning the degree. One should have an open mind to all people that one comes in contact with. One can learn plenty from those that are different from one. College is an exciting time in one's life that permits one to grow from what society considers a child into a young adult with specific dreams to help better the community in one way or another. Get to know one's self during this phase of one's life and once that is accomplished one will have the opportunity to help others that are just starting out. Enjoy this time in one's life, meet new people and be open to them, and one's future life will be fuller.


The advice I would give myself is, do what you HAVE to do NOW. So you can do what you WANT to do LATER. Life is to short for short comings. So take the long ones now....... Plan for the future now. Cause he who fails to plan, Plans to fail. ... And failure is not an option. If it's within your reach, reach till you get it! If it's within your grasp, grab until you grab it! When oppourtunity knocks at your door answer it! Keep your head to the sky and your feet on the ground. It's the only way to really get threw it. choose LIFE!


I would say to myself, Ashley, you are young and have your whole life ahead of you why don't you think that college is important. Yes, you may have a job lined up after high school waiting for you and 40,000 dollars a year is a great salary to start off with. But what about your knowledge of history, math, and a degree that can open doors for you in the future. I am forty two years old and if i could go back a get my bachelor's degree in finance I would but its to late I can only live for now. Who know's, the job that's lined up for you may not last, also the economy can take a dramatic downfall. Dont wait until its too late, take advantage of your youth and do the right thing, go to college!


If I could go back I would say to me to get over myself and listen to my mother. All I needed was to get a B in one of my classes my senior year to get my full tuition paid to anyone of the three in state universities; I however, didn't even try because I didn't like the teacher or anyone in that class. I lost the chance for that scholarship because of one single class. If I could go back I would tell myself not to be so pig headed and get not a B but an A in that class if I could go back.... I wish I could go back. I wasted a good opportunity. You've got to keep pushing forwards though. I have a good school I'm going to now, and I?ve had some experiences I wouldn't have had if I had gotten the scholarship. I've missed out on a lot too. So, now you know what I would tell myself if I could go back to my senior year.


If I could only go back in time I'd tell myself I'm not the first girl to face being raped and try and keep the baby. I wouldn't give up on my studies. I would take my SAT ans ACT test a little bit more serious. I would know that one day I'll be turning 47 and the education I get as a senior in high school sets the pace for my transformation in colllege. Self you got get focused in a couple of months you'll be going to college making those life choices that will make or break you for the rest of my life. I'd make preparation for my daughter and I that would get us through the change. Knowing then what I know now. Life for me would me a lot easier than trying to go back to school 30 years later and get it right. With my determination and God's will I shall prevail.


I have realized with past experiences that a good education is worth its weight in gold. There is nothing more important. Education opens all the doors you need to have a successful fulfilling career as well as a better outlook on life. I have struggled for years trying to make it with just a high school education and I have done quite well but if I could go back and do it over I would definitely get a jump on my life and career by taking the extra effort and get my degree before going out into the world with a disadvantage of lack of knowledge or education.


If I could go back into my senior year, I would tell myself to get enrolled in AP classes. That way I could save money and be ahead of the game. Instead of wasting my life away and letting my parents divorce run my life. I would aslo tell myself to be more active in school, join extracurricular activities or volunteer in something. Rather than getting involved in drugs and not let my love life intervene with my education. In order to prevent me from becoming depressed, suicidal, and a low-income.


When I was a senior, I didn't really think about college that much and assumed things would just happen. I got better grades than I had before, but going back I would have taken school more seriously and thought more about my future. I should have taken certain classes that would have made my academics easier at Phoenix College, even though I have earned a high GPA. I think that was the biggest thing I would change, is earning higher grades and not dropping classes.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell me to study harder and to take school a little more seriously. I made decent greades in school but did only what I needed to get through school. Now I wish that I could take more classes, study more, and get better grades. I have now realized how important it is to be succesful in life and how much work it actually takes and wish that I could make myself realize these things that teachers and elders have been trying to tell me for years. I think if I could go back in time and tell myself these things I would be a much better student and person.


If I could go back to being a high school senior I would have taken school a lot more seriously and found a way to go to college. College was not a option for me, my family did not believe that women needed additional education. I found out very quickly in the working world without a degree it is impossible to advance in your chosen field. For last severals I have taken classes at different institutes, but two years ago I decided that I need to take the plung and get my associates degree. I am enrolled in on-line courses through the University of Phoenix and I'm enjoying every class I have taken. My advice, don't lose those early years, find away to farther your education, it is more important now than it was one I was in high school.


To take life by the horns because its going to be a tough one. Nothing comes easy in life and you need to understand that. Nothing will be handed to you; you have to work your ass off to get what you want. So dont take life for granted, because you will fall flat on your ass many times.


School is cool! In high school I had so many other things than school on my mind. I was working full time at Subway making $10.00 an hour, and I was so ready to put a dead end job in front of my education. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself a career is what matters. I would tell myself that each life stage is a blessing. Teenagers should enjoy doing teenager things. A person has their entire life to see so many things. What is the rush to grow up, and why do people make it seem as if growing old is so bad? I am only 23 and I enjoy doing 23-year old things! But I know I will enjoy doing 56-year old things just as well! And one day I think it will be fun to be that old lady wearing bright colors counting out change from my coin purse purse while at the cash register! I would tell myself to always to always remember, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."


As a High School student I never wanted or had any interest in going to college. However, if I could do it over I would tell myself, "You need to go to college and prepare for it. Look into scholarships and grants, look into different colleges, and figure out what you want to do because working at a dead end customer service job is the worst. Dealing with rude ignorant people all day is not something you want to do." I do wish I could have a do-over. I could have my degree by now instead of waiting and wasting the last few years of my life.


"Carita, can you hear me? It's me or I'm you. I need you to listen to me carefully. I know I probably sound like your parents, but what they told you is true. Eric is bad news. You will not survive college if your focus is not on your work and if you allow Eric to abuse you. He lost both his parents, but he is not your responsibility. You must get away from him now or he will stalk you for 12 years and almost destroy you. If you stay focused on you work, study, and participate in as many activities and events available you will be one successful woman. Not only that,


If I could go back in time where I was in high school, I would tell myself to start college the summer right after I graduate because I would get done with school faster and start working sooner. Another thing I would advise myself is to join the college soccer team, to apply for all the scholarships I can and get information on different careers so I can be one hundred percent sure of what I want to become in life. I would also let myself know how hard to study for some classes and to start studying from the start. Also, I would give myself hints about how hard life will be in those next years so I can make better choices.

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