Pierce College-Puyallup Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I am a Running Start student, and this community college provided what I beleive is a good transition between High School and College. It wasn't as academically challenging as I had expected, which had its perks, but I would've appreciated being pushed more. The enviroment wasn't as welcoming as I would've liked, and I don't think I would've found many friends at the college if I hadn't known people attending there beforehand. I think Pierce College is a good place for Running Start students, but for all others, other colleges would be better.


Anyone that takes their education seriously should attend this school. A great majority of teachers, staff, and students are welcoming and dedicated to higher education. Though the classes have basic titles, the courses are in-depth and professors are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. Someone who wants the college experience, but doesn?t want to travel far from home should go here. The campus, though not big, is expanding, making more specialized classes available to students. The atmosphere is relaxed, safe, and overall enjoyable.


Anyone who is passionate about learning and wants to be free to discover themselves.