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the professors are amazing. i like each of my culinary teachers


They have various campuses throughout the city for convenience. There are now even military-only campuses on a couple bases here.


I began my senior year not knowing what college to go to or what I would be majoring when I started college. That lead me to decide to go to community college. At Pikes Peak Community College there is a 60-60 program, which means after you've completed the first 60 credits to earn your Accociates you can transfer them to a select college in state, and a few out of state. So I'm not limited in my choices for where I move on to after community college. That is what I really appreciate about my school.


Pikes Peak Community College is unique to other schools I considered because it has multiple (4) campuses in which to study; making it extremely easy for students to attend, no matter where in the city they reside. Not to mention an online campus as well.


It's probably the least expensive. It has a very small architectural program. The scholarship department has been very helpful. It has about four campuses.