Pikes Peak Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Pikes Peak Community College?


What is most frustrating about my school is the tutoring because most tutors are students but don't know how to do a majority of the stuff you need to know. For example I went to math tutoring for my test and used the methods I was taught yet I was still wrong on the tests, so basically I was given the wrong information. For tutors we need teachers someone who is a profession in the subject we need besides our own teacher.


The most frustrating thing about PPCC is that financial aid and advisors can be difficult to talk too. Sometimes they give the wrong informationa nd do not seem well informed.


It closes early.


I am not sure if this is frustrating or not, but...The one thing that bothers me the most about Pikes Peak Community College is the fact that I have to advocate for myself and the responsibility is on me and me alone. So basically, the stress that I get from coming into the place is quite overwhelming...And I haven't even started a class yet...Not until this summer...


There are no following fustrations with the school I am now attending.


The most fustrating thing about Pikes Peak Community college is they dont offer enough of general education classes at night. For example this year i have had to take two classes online because the school didnt have a class that started after 2:30pm. Community colleges are supossed to be more flexable. People do work for a living and most are a 9-5 job. Even though my job is a 6-2 that still doesn"t help.


That it is not always a very professional environment. I love all the options they have for taking classes: full semesters, bi-semesters, online, on campus, on military bases, online through Colorado Community Colleges. But sometimes it takes forever to get questions answered and they are not always professional.


Frustrating thing for me at my school would have been that i wanted more financial aid and maybe a grant. honors throu out high school didnt even get me a scholarship. coming from a family with no college background, my parents not having social security cards and struggling all life, in my mind going to college and getting government help was what i was looking forward to but it wasnt the case.


Probably the High School atmosphere it offers.


Sometimes the communte to a campus across the city, is not the most convenient.