Pinellas Technical College-Clearwater Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Try to actually understand what is being tought to you by professors and take that knowledge and apply it to real life situations in order to really take advantage of what you learned. Also, nurture relationships between colleagues that can open doors in the future.


Stop staying up so late, get some sleep, start working out more consistently, save money as much as possible! You will want it when you want to make a trip home later. Also don't think you don't have to try, stay awake in class and do your best to pay attention to what is being taught. continue to work on scholarships.


Mary, You life will be difficult. You will get married to an alcoholic drug addicted wife beating man who is abusive to you and your children. Unless you go to school, you will have no way to support yourself and your four children. Although, it seems that being a CNA is enough to make ends meet, the reality is that it won't be for long. Children will be born that need food, shelter, clothing, and medical attention. Your husband will steal what little you have to buy drugs. When you finally make the decision to go back to school, become an LPN, he will hinder you in every possible way. When you graduate, he will continue to make life difficult financially, emotionally, and physically. You will be drained but just don't stop. Finish until you get your bachellors. The more education you have; the more opportunities you will have. You will be able to be a better mother to your children because you won't have to work long hard hours just to put Tuna Helper on the table. Put your time in now so that you won't have to pay with blood, sweat, and tears later.


I have gotten independence out of my college experience. College is so much more independent than high school, and at first gets a lot of getting used to. I have also learned about different professors and their way of teaching. I have also been introduced to online classes, in some cases it is better, other it is worse. It all depends on the course. It has been valuable to attend Edison State College because it is a stepping stone in my way of becoming an independent adult.

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