Pomona College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Small class sizes and lack of generalized low-level courses in some field means it's easy to get locked into a major early on and still struggle to complete the specific required courses for your major. This is especially a problem for the Media Studies department.


To be fair, probably also the friendliness - it's great for the most part, but some people do it superficially, and for those people, the friendliness comes at the expense of honesty. I'd rather have people be superficially nice than genuinely mean, but I'd rather have people be genuinely apathetic than superficially nice, so it's a tradeoff.


The most frustrating thing about Pomona College often it tries to accomadate so many people. Its a balancing act that is often blown out of proportion by the administration. Pomona College is diverse, but people often expect more the college to do more than is actually feasibly possible.