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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Looking back at my high school senior self I would first say not to be afraid of life. My senior year wasn?t that great for me because I was going through a tremendous amount of personal battles that I let control my life after high school. I didn?t choose to go to school right after and I blamed it on everyone else ; I was afraid of what new things life might bring me. I would tell myself that success is obtained by taking a chance on life. Second, I would have to say everything that you are learning now will benefit you in many ways that you wouldn?t know now. Notes in high school were tedious and now I know that all of that was just practice for future lectures. Doing your assignments and studying on time is the most important thing that you must practice now. Third, college is more expensive than you think. Start looking for a part time job now so your parents don?t have the burden of paying for everything. You may think that financial aid will cover it but that will only pay for a fraction of the costs.

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To not stress out about it because a lot of it is uneeded.

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