Pratt Institute-Main Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school has a beautiful campus located in brooklyn, it has a warm community feel where students can find almost anything to fit their intrests.


My school is the one school that fit all of my criteria I was looking for in a school including a nice campus, a good location, and the major selections I wanted.


The campus is pretty small, mostly old buildings. There's a lot of great art work displayed on campus and a lot of cool sitting areas that double as sculptures and such. There's a lot of green and trees around for such a small campus, which is nice when the weather gets warmer. To one side there are the old chem, engineering, and machine buildings, the new-looking ARC, and one or two other academic buildings. The student union and dining hall and all that good stuff is in the middle, with one of the dorms (Pantas I think?) being a little walk away. To the other side you have some more academic buildings, the library and the two administrative buildings: Dekalb and Myrtle Halls.


Pratt is home to every type of person imaginable; however, we all have one final goal -- to become great artists.


A hands on learning experience that has unlimited employment opportunities after graduation.


Pratt is very academically demanding but you will learn so much if you take advantage of all the faculty, your peers and resources.


Very intense, if you are here for architecture or design, yet quite chill if you are here for fine arts.


Pratt is a nessescary hardship to undergo a good education.


Pratt is expensive, difficult and small, but if you have your heart and wallet in it you, will go far with this educations.


Well rounded and open to all types f personalities.


Challenging homework, interesting professors, good facilities, in a large city, feels fenced off from surrounding community.


It all depends on the teacher.


This school is an artist community. It is very diverse and in a large city, giving anyone and everyone an opertunity to succeed in the art world.


Pratt Instute is the best design school, with that comes massive amounts of work, and long nights with littel sleep.


It is an art school, that does not mean it is easy; you WILL work your ass off, but it will pay off if you can keep up.


An institution in the interest of supporting creativity and sincere art.


You get out of it whatever you put into it.


Pratt has many sculptures, here we take you through some of them.


Where we get tired of stopping the camera and just decide to film all willy nilly.


Don't get so excited, it's a steam ENGINE.


Where we go to the student lounge, and then see some Fresco paintings (and where I call them Frisco paintings).