Pratt Institute-Main Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Producing artists that can work in the city and go on to other places. This school will thoughen the student and get them ready for the harsh reality of the real world.


the education. It is by far and hands down one of the best art institutions in the country. The name dosn't hurt as well.


Art, Interior Design and Architecture


Art & design. Our strongest majors are Architecture (#5 in the nation), Industrial Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Graphic Design/Communications Design. It's also known by a lot of the students for our library, which was the first public library in NYC and the set for some scenes from the 1970s hit porno "Debbie Does Dallas".


The Pratt School of Architecture, has the best academic faculty and cirriculum


Its success, Pratt's name is known everywhere. Its students and faculty are amazingly talented, hard working and resourceful.


Its name. It is the most prestigious art school in the country. It is a top school for both Architechture and Communication Design. Pratt's teachers are all, for the most part, working in the field and are very capable of helping you create your own style of art or design while teaching you to learn about contemporary designers and artists. We learn to think conceptually and are worked to the bone to do so. Pratt is known for its intense work ethic and conceptual thinking.