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My school is one of the only schools in New York City with campus grounds. The sculpture garden that they have turned the campus into is also one of the best in the city. Being able to walk through campus and look at all of the amazing student artwork inside the buildings and then being able to walk outside and see work by some of the greatest sculputre artists is a true luxury found only at Pratt.


If you didn't get the picture before, please read this: As a former girl who chased after fraternities, hall council advocate, campus volunteer, and on campus worker, who's been hospitalized for working 3 jobs, who could have gotten A's but had to get B's because she went over the absence limit due to said hospitalizations...Pratt is a place for the apathetic, sadistic, and self loathing individual. If you cannot sacrifice your well being for school, please don't waste your time. If I knew then what I knew now, I would have gone to a happier place, but I will finish my degree, because I know that my sacrifice will not go unnoticed. Pratt students tend to have jobs when others don't.


I have realized that Pratt is most unique in the way that it's located so centrally in New York City. It's location is surrounded by art and culture, which fuels many of the students work.


This is a phenomenal place for a certain niche, administrative complaints aside. If you're an architect, most people here who can survive the incredibly strenuous workload come out extremely satisfied with the program. This is a school for people who are hyper-focused on certain creative careers. If you are not creatively motivated in a way that applies to a pre-professional environment, don't come here. If you are a renaissance man, don't come here. Think twice about your education. How specific do you really want it to be? Pratt does a few things very well. It is, however, a very, very narrow school structurally. Especially with the liberal arts majors, Pratt cannot provide the array of curricular opportunities that most other schools can, outside of networking and internship opportunities. Be very sure that you want to commit four years of your life primarily to writing, or that you can't imagine doing anything else. Otherwise, think twice about applying here.


It's right next to Manhattan but cheaper and away from all the hub bub of the city. However, the city is only 20-45 minutes away (depending on the train you take). There's tons of galleries all around (Dumbo and chelsea are ful of them) and tons of different places to explore that are all different. The area around Pratt is getting safer and safer but, unforutnetly, a little more expensive.


Pratt is an art school in Brooklyn with an emphasis on creativity and originality. Students take advantage of New York City and all that it has to offer young artists.


pratt insitute is unique in its intensity of programs. compared with my friends schools the work load is immense and you are expected to complete everything. it has good professors who are all currently in the field the are teaching.


Ohter school are concerative in their routines of their daily lives and look at thoses that practice different ones differently. There is such a wide variety of different people, from jocks, to "geek", and no one really judges you. Its a comfortable place to be in general.


Unlike other schools in New York, we have a main campus, the city isnt our campus, there are places for us to sit and relax.


We've heard what they DO like, here's where they talk about what they DON'T like about Pratt.


Hear what an MFA student thinks of Pratt.


Wherein we take a tour of the library and talk about Debbie Does Dallas, the area around Pratt and the G Train


I don't think so! I do want to mention that as much as people bad mouth the administration, the facilities, yada yada, Pratt is still awesome and most people love it. Including me!


I slept with a Pratt cat


It's a good experience that a lot of people won't ever get to do so if you have the opportunity to go to a school like this. take it.


I love Pratt, but I can't wait to go home.


There are some stupid looking sculptures in the sculpture park. But also one really great one that is just a giant black bar sticking out of a cinder block wall.


Pratt, like any school, will offer you a good education if you want to give yourself a good education. The professors there are open to helping you out, and so is the city so get out an explore once you arrive! The motto is: Be true to your work and your work will be true to you. Pratt challenges you to stand up to the integrity of your work, to constantly ask yourself, "am I an artist?" and if you consistently want to answer yes, then you will feel at home on campus, in Brooklyn.


Pratt is an extreme case of getting out whatever you put in. If you are willing to humble yourself and learn from the people who teach here, and focus on learning instead of substance abuse, you will get an extraordinary education.


The administration and the faculty are on entirely different planets. They try to steal money from you by mistakenly charging you for meal plans, health insurance and miscellaneous activity and technology fees.


Not really no.