Pratt Institute-Main Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Stuck up, rich, love to party, hipster, coke heads, hard workers, movers, shakers


That a huge drug culture exists. That people are really focused on their art. That we're all hipsters.


art school! basically, they dress funny and are weird. think hipsters. colored hair, tattoos, piercing. and very liberal. lots of vegeterians. workaholics too.


"Hipsters", snobby, fashionable, the usual.


Not worth mentioning


People think that art students are really dumb and that they have an IQ around room temperature. They also think that all we do here is teach people how to paint like Andy Warhol or other artists were it's debatable as to whether their stuff is considered art to begin with. Also that Pratt just is a black hole for money and that the teachers suck.


That they are all hipsters, stuck-up, rich, or just stupid. Pratt in general seems to be regarded (from within) as a place for crazy people. Everyone you meet in so bizarre and unique. It can be frustrating but also hilarious and great. Also, there is a tremedous amount of effort being put in by many students, but also there is a general lack of ambition in some students. Many of the faculty are extremely jaded and cynical, which I think is a bad attitude to have around young artists. I do love many of my teachers, however.


artsy-hipster-hippies...i suppose.


That they are all rich hipsters who do whatever they want.


People assume that we're all rich kids with an easy ride to Pratt. Newsflash: we're not. I certainly am not. Most of us actually don't take Pratt for granted and work our asses off. Also, just because it's art school does not mean it's going to be easy four years, an easy A. Art school is tough, and probably more so than liberal arts schools, because projects do not take a preordained amount of time. Prepare to work hard, always.


Everyone at pratt is unique, making us all un-unique, cause it's all the same. We are all art students, some being more artsy and wierd than others but all creative.


I once heard someone say that they are rich kids


Some people think that Pratt is best known for its architecture program, for its impressive list of alumni and former students (Robert Redford, Eva Hessa, Betsy Johnson and the guy who created aviator sunglasses). Some people also know Pratt for being one of the few universities in New York City that has a campus, and for its notorious collection of campus cats.


Pratt is notorious for it's hearty-partyin' hipster art students. Pratt also cares more about the health of the grassy lawn than the creative needs of it's students. There is a lot of money going into Pratt, but more than a few people wonder where it comes back out. Probably in the salaries for it's prestigious "paper" architects, those who have never been built, but make pretty drawings.


Some stereotypes I guess I have noticed are the ones that wear tight pants, listen to obscure music, and hang out in Williamsburg and find a small amount of time to spend on their work. There is the more favored stereotype that Pratt students are hardworking, exceedingly creative and want get paid to do what they love. There's also another group that has a decent amount of interest in the arts and come to Pratt to please their parents and live in the city for four years.


I'm not terribly sure. Probably many of the very same stereotypes that are associated with any other art school out there. Or you could simply read Art School Confidential (I would avoid the movie though) to get a quick rundown of every single stereotype taken directly from Pratt.


Well, the guy who made Art School Confidential went here, and they say he got it pretty much down. We all have green hair and thoughts of suicide and we’re all for the Democrats in some vague way and we do a lot of experimental drugs because we think they’re cool.