Pratt Institute-Main Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Science Majors. People who don't want to work hard.


Anonye who does't want to live in a major city.


Somebody that does not want a career where you have to get your hands dirty to get a job done. Anyone who wants to party and does not want to put in the time to show up for class. Also someone who can not understand that a little effort now will teach them a skill that will benefit them for the rest of thier lives. This college teaches you a career, not just prepare you for a job.


People who are dedicated to design and use their sensativity and talents to express their emotions into practical aplications of the real world.


someone who isn't sure what career they want to major in.




Someone who isn't art/design oriented. There is a cultural studies degree here but there are almost no relavent classes for it so dont come here.


Republicans, skinheads, & type A personalities


There isn't one specific type of person who attends Pratt Institute, but most it's students are artistic, it also helps to be a hard worker because Pratt weeds students in the first year by demanding an almost unreasonable 18 credit course load; that's 27 hours a week of class, and just as many hours, if not more, doing homework!


pratt intstitute is a school for self driven students. you need to be able to push yourself as well as learn to accept the criticism of your professors. it is a carreer based school that pushes students to find their own unique style and to excel where their talents are the strongest. you need a strong personality and the will power to stay focused on school and your goals.


someone who doesnt like diversity or new ideas.


people that aren't open to thinking in new ways or who cannot take criticism.