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What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

Mary Clare

I wish I had know how expensive the supplies would be. I knew I would spend a lot, but there have definitely been some times where spending 170 dollars on a text book came as a shock.


For me, college was always a scary mystery. I didn't have the right tools or knowledge that I do now about picking the right place. I wish I could have known what I wanted to persue before this year. I floated around two community colleges and one univeristy before attending Pratt. A lot of money was thrown away by not figuring myself out and knowing where I belonged. I feel guilty for it today, but I am here now and I think that is all that matters at this point, and what I do with my future.


Before coming to Pratt, I wish I knew how to use computers better.


I knew what I was getting into when I accepted admission to Pratt. I knew it was expensive, the pressure was immense, and the work load was time consuming. I feel like I am putting in my all, and I am exhibiting high caliber work ethic and skill, however I always believed that in doing so I would receive more financial support from the institution, and that has yet to happen.


That it would be super hard to acheive really good grades. Most teachers give C's and B's.


I wished I knew the city more before I came and the school overall, the feel of being here as a student


I wish that I had known the amount of money that living in Brooklyn was going to cost. Had I known, I would have worked harder in high school to save up money. Plus, if I had known that the financial aid was going to be so difficult, I would have made sure that I sat down with a counselor and worked things out before I left school for the summer. Everything is online but the people behind the system are slow to change, add, or fix things so it can get very frustrating. Especially with tuition bills.


How much this was all going to cost me. And the fact of our current economic environment.


not sure


I wish I had known how to make a functioning website before I came to this school. Many of the web design electives can only be taken in the junior or senior years of the 4-year undergraduate BFA program. Since I am a Computer Graphics major, it is difficult for me to attend the stronger web design classes under the Communication Design department because of their existing prerequisites. I fear it might be difficult for me to be able to fit a web design class in my last 2 years of undergraduate studies.


that they spend too much money on getting new grass every year rather than spending it on making our studio spaces better


I wish I had known about all of the various careers that exists in the art related industry. I came to Pratt with the idea that it was an art school and thus, I was going to study fine arts. This was exciting for me, however, I had not given much thought to the notion of what I was going to do after I graduated. The thought of going out in the world and getting a job was a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, I have discovered graphic design, which is something that I am highly interested in pursuing after I graduate.


I wish I had known the trains better before jumping right on them.