Providence College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Providence College is school where comfortability and automatically sensed.


Providence College is a very welcoming institution which encourages the development of its students.


PC is the place where you can truly bond with your fellow friars.


A place with a strong sense of community where you can be yourself.


Providence College is a small university with a total student body around 4,000 students that has a great community feel and atmosphere as well as a strong liberal arts based curiculum.


Providence College is a great school filled with amazingly acredited professors and eager, ready-to-learn students with a keen eye on what they want to do with the rest of their lives.


Providence College is a great school that offers students a great education and chance to transform themselves into adults.


The most homogenous school in the nation, filled with students who are ignorant of cultures other than white, upper-middle class culture.


Great academic school with resepectable students with a major binge drinking problem.


Small bubble of similar students who dress, look and act similarly with similar views, with a fair amount of redemption in the professors who tend to be more liberal and socially conscious (at least in the social sciences departments) and administration who is very homogenous in ideas and beliefs.


you make your community yourself, but it's very easy to do so here


Providence College is a fairly small Catholic campus in suburban New England, not far from the city, which you can reach by bus.


A very white, upper middle class Catholic College.