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While some may believe that our Catholic identity fosters an extreme religious and conservative community, the College's mission focuses on loving and caring for one another, being active in a loyal and dedicated community, and being a member in an ever-growing family. Providence supports its students during a critical time in adulthood, and it gives them the confidence to go out into the world and know they can make a difference no matter the setting. PC also encourages its students to create a balanced life between academics and connecting with peers ona deeply personal level.


Although we may be judged because we are a strict school because we're catholic, we still manage to have the time of our lives in a safe way a enjoyab;e by all.


Providence College is unique in that it provides students with a small and intimate scholastic environment. I believe I received a great education because of this. My professors were always accessible. My classes were small and my voice was heard. There were many opportunities for guidance, from academic advisors to the school chaplain. Socially, the size was also beneficial. I frequently saw the same people and recognized nearly everyone on campus. I quickly felt comfortable and at home, making it easier to develop friendships.


Parietals: they suck but they aren't that bad. Seriously, don't let parietals get you down. Really, PC students don't know anything different. On a weekend night, it's kind of nice to have a set limit. Most people are back from bars or parties by 1, and parietals are sort of like a bed time. It keeps you from being out all into the night, which trust me is a good thing. Parietals are enforced, but fairly easy to break. Boys dorms don't have security guards so sleepovers can happen there. The neighborhood: Chad Brown. They'll tell you not to wander off-campus alone. Don't. But also don't worry about being stabbed (that's only happened twice this year...). No, the surrounding area isn't great, but you aren't going to be shot up if you step off Huxley Street. Finally, DO URBAN ACTION! You'll hear about it the summer before your freshman year. Totally apply, and do it if you get in. You move in a few days early (worth it in itself, move-in day is hectic), and you spend a few days with a small group doing service work around the state. It seriously is as awesome as they make it sound. Possibly even better. Some of my best friends were in my UA group. I honestly think that some of the best kids in my grade did UA. Its a strong group of kids and it's a TON of fun.


Many of my teachers are priests and friars which is kind of cool. They know a lot about what they teach though.


Providence is able to provide a Division I "big school" atmosphere with a small, close-knit "small school" community. The teachers, students and staff truly interact as if they are all family. Without a doubt, the people at this school are caring, good people, but that often gets covered up by frequent late night parties and our school's lack of diversity.


It is the most homogenous school in the nation.


My school is a small Catholic School with strong values that most other schools don't possess. They have a strong emphasis on Catholic values and this is portayed in everyday life.


It's catholic


What's unique about Providence is how homogeneous the school is. It provides for a strong community, but really low levels of diversity.


PC is sick!


Parietals can be a pain during freshman and sophomore years. Fire codes are a little annoying, but it makes sense due to the huge fire PC had in the 70s. I transferred to PC in the middle of my freshman year, and it was the best decision I could have made. I love PC, and I will miss it dearly. I made some great friends there and had an awesome time, and I cannot imagine having gone through college not being there. Just a word of advice- get out there and meet people, whether it be joining a club or going down your hallway introducing yourself when you first get to school. Have fun!


So much fun! But I learned a lot too. I think that knowing how to balance social life and work is a key lesson that most PC students leave with.




great school.. ill miss my years there... met my husband to be at Providence College- big legacy school


The academics at PC really are good, despite any other deficiencies the college may have. If you are committed, then your will get everything you hoped for at PC.


I love Providence College for everything that it offers. Attending PC was the best decision I've ever made!


Providence College is not the kind of place you want to go to college if you go with the intention of extending your borders, broadening your horizons, or meeting new people. You may get a decent job out of it, and meet a handful of people that will become great friends, but chances are it will be difficult and you will meet these people outside of the normal channels for human interaction. If drinking, praying, or both do not tickle your fancy, you will find yourself at a loss for activities and bored with the culture of sameness. Many students will pretend that PC is a great place on the surface, but if you engage them a little bit deeper - ask them “what's the worst thing about PC?” and you will scratch the surface - you will see that many people are just putting on a happy face, and they themselves are also unhappy. After all, PC also stands for “politically correct” right? Many students simply cannot wait to graduate, and many would have transferred if other institutions would just accept those Civ credits. Sameness is a problem not because it occurs, but because it is encouraged. Uniformity in thought and appearance is the Dominican catholic way.


PC security is ridiculous. I've had my room searched without anyone present that lived there and was notified a month later that I had been written up on bogus charges. In addition to that, if you walk around campus enough you might catch a glimpse of one of the security officers riding a "security" segway across campus. So that's where my tuition has been going?!?


If you come from middle-class suburbia and you aren't ready to leave your comfort zone, then check out PC. If you're unsure about what you want, but you want to go to a school where you can have a great time while graduating with a well-respected degree, then check out PC. But, do everyone at PC a favor and don't attend if you're just going to complain about anything and everything.


Small school. Cumbersome core class structure. Lots of partying, drinking, and yelling "woooooooo". If you can't get into a very good liberal arts school, you can get into Providence College and find a very good education for yourself, but you have to work hard to find it. The Dominicans are a little crazy, but have a dedication to education usually found at a much more academically rigorous school.


The school is great, the administration is annoying and difficult to deal with, but you can easily avoid working with them. I wouldn't go anywhere else.


I'd try to convince anyone considering going here to choose a different school


Providence College is what you make out of it!


I want to leave this place and forget i ever came here.

Lauren Migliacci

OVerall, i love PC..But alot of my friends are transferring because the city was not big enough, the core requirments are a bitch, and because the Catholic religion is brainwashed into you. But, for people who want a solid, very good liberal arts education, in a medium, well established college, this will be perfect. The people are fun, genuine, and do study hard. The atmosphere is actually study oriented, adn everyone knows how to have a good time.


the office of residence life needs a dire reform especially its RAs


As a Catholic it is important to obtain a Catholic education. However, Providence College is committed to Dominican Order. The school needs to lessen its commitment and focus more on the students; this is because the institution has fiscal responsibilities to the Order.


It's a great school, I wouldn't go anywhere else.


Have fun it's college just don't anything your parents didn't do in their college years.


The Parietals SUCK. All traditional dorms are single sex, and a member of the opposite sex cannot be in the building past 12am on weekdays, and 2am on weekends. There are security guards in the girls dorms only to enforce these rules. They are easy to get around in the guy's dorms.


PC is the shit