Providence College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The school offers a great sense of community, and when there is a strong sense of community you are able to excel in your academics and extra circular activities. Friars are Family.


We have this amazing, familiar family that truly brings a feeling of community. The campus is small and beautiful, and its location is great; Providence is a lively, colorful city. Essentially my school is "the little school that could." We're small but very capable, with a rigorous curriculum that instills in us a great liberal arts education. We are a proud, spirited school. I love that students actually go to the school events; we like spending time with each other.


My overall opinion of Providence College is a positive one. The people are genuine, the professors are there for their students, and there is a lot going on. It's a perfect place for people looking for a small campus, in a large city. The sports teams are very talented, but school spirit isn't as strong as I would like it to be. It isn't a "suitcase school;" people stay on campus during weekends. The facilities are beautiful as well. The biggest complaint is that there isn't enough study space.


PC is, overall, a solid school. It has a small, cozy, friendly campus, but a big school feel when it comes to academics and athletics. The social scene is very solid, and there actually is something to do for every type of person. The Dominican, Catholic tradition is not too overbearing, and actually provides a nice sense of morality. Parietals and civ suck, but obviously not too badly because students keep coming back. I always joke that PC is the only place where you can go to church at 10:30 on a Sunday night and see that kid who was doing WHATEVER craziness on Friday and Saturday night praying. Providence is a pretty decent college city. You don't really need to leave campus all that often, but when you do, you can find something to do in Providence. There are tons of restaurants, the mall is solid, and Waterfire is a fall/spring favorite. Basketball is obviously the biggest sport, and the games totally give you something to look forward to all winter. Overall, PC's strengths overshadow its weaknesses. Pretty much everybody loves it here, plain and simple.


The best thing about PC is the size. Each class is about 1000 students or a little under which is a great size- it's big enough to avoid the people you'd rather not see but small enough to feel like you know everyone around. Providence students can definitely be described as partiers but there is no question they also get their work done during the week. I think PC has a respected reputation as a leading school in the North East as well as one of the major Catholic schools in the country. Despite a great reputation and good students, I think the administration is often overwhelmed and not capable of dealing with the issues that arise on a college campus. Many of the rules on campus, like parietals, are outdated and just ineffective. Strange enough, PC is a "wet campus" and does have a pretty sweet bar called McPhail's. There are also a number of other bars all within walking distance from the school. Overall, the city is offers a lot to do and if you don't think so, Boston is under an hour away.


The school is a nice size you see the same people you like to hang out with everyday, but there are also new people to meet. I spend most of my time on campus probably in the cafeteria or in my dorm room. To see school pride you have to go to one of the basketball games, that is where most of the students go because basketball is very popular at our school.


Best thing about PC? The atmosphere. Professors know their students by name (small class sizes help) and the school's president works out in the student gym, eats in the dining hall, and is always seen on campus, so students are able to easily connect with administration. Students love Friar Town. One thing I'd change is the food. It's good at first, but after a semester, it's old and you crave something new. I was on a meal plan for the 3.5 years I was at PC, and by the end I dreaded going to meals at Ray. Most frequent student complaints revolve around the food. Size-wise, PC is just right. 3800 students is the perfect number (or was, for me) because you see new people all the time but can still say hi to 4 or 5 people you know on your way to class. Providence is a great college city, because it's technically a city, so there's a lot going on, but it's small, so it's easy to find your way around and isn't overwhelming. Plus, Providence is an hour from Boston and about 3 hours from NYC.


PC is a great size if you like to know all of the faces around you. It has a very large community feel, and the majority of the people are very friendly. Sports are a big deal, especially mens basketball and hockey. There is a very large bar culture at PC that makes every night of the week interesting. If you tell people that you go to PC, they generally assume that you are a very social person that likes to party and have a good time, but also has a strong sense of character and is well educated. Since PC is a Catholic College run by the Dominican Friars, there is a strong religious representation around campus. The College does not shun other faiths, and has a very welcoming attitude towards sharing faith with the campus community. The PC campus is always improving. There is a great gym, coffee shop, and they are working on a better student center. The housing is pretty good once you get to be a junior and senior, but freshman and sophomore year it is the luck of the draw. PC was the best four years of my life. There is a lot of support and guidance from faculty, and you will find yourself keeping in touch with your professors long after you have taken their courses and graduation.


PC is a small, Catholic and DOMINICAN school. The administration makes a point of not shying away from the schools Dominican roots. So, at the heart of everything you find a focus on truth, morality and Catholicism. Everyone is extremely friendly and wants to see you succeeed. As an a new alumnae, Class of 2008, I have been so impressed by how many people in the administration as well as the alumni network have offered to help me find a job. Providence is a fun city to go to college in... maybe not live forever. but definitely fun for 4 years.


PC is the perfect size. It now has a gorgeous gym with great hours. Ray Hall cafe's food is getting better. There are more choices, even a vegetarian section. Slavin and Jazzmans are great places to study, hang out, and get food. PC has a great location where you can take the public bus (RIPTA) pretty much anywhere for FREE is you use your PC id card. The library is a bit small, but they are re-doing it this summer. I made great friends. Everyone knows PC and everyone who graduates PC has had an amazing 4 years and would do anything to go back.


Though the brochures may drum up Providence as a "college town" filled with other students from RISD, Brown, Johnson & Wales, etc., there has not been a single time when I have gone into the city and run into students from any other school. The only places that are safe enough to go are the Providence Place Mall, where you will run into every other person in your class, and Thayer Street, where you may spot the occasional boho artsy RISD student. However, for the most part, PC students stick to the PPM for shopping, movies, or to eat out at one of the restaurants, which gets old very, very fast for students looking for activities other than drinking. On the weekend, most PC students migrate to the sketchy bars in the ghetto, only to emerge with at least one member of their "clique" missing their wallet and cell phone as a result of being jumped by a local. No joke.


The best thing about PC is the people - the school has so much school pride and spirit, and the friends you make here are ones you will have for life, you meet so many amazing people that are just like you. People are proud when I tell them that I go to PC- it has a great reputation for a school, though it is expensive. The most frequent student complaints are that the Catholic presence is too strong- but thats what they get for choosing a Catholic school.


In my opinion, the best thing about PC is its size and its location. There are about 4,000 undergraduate students (about 900-1,000 students per class). This seems to be a perfect medium. By the end of Freshman year you will recognize most of your peers but the class number is still large enough that you will meet new friends throughout your undergrad years. The city of Providence is great too. Although the school isn't located in the best neighborhood, the school is located about two miles from downtown. This makes it very easy to find fun things to do on the weekends with clubs, bars, a great mall, and restaurants just a few miles down the road. The student life on campus is fabulousss! We have a D-1 basketball team taht plays in Downtown Providence at the Dunkin Donut Center. Most students attend the games during the week which makes a Tuesday night pretty fun. PC is known for being a party school, if you didn't know that now you do! But don't fret there are plenty of things to do if you dont like bars or parties.I was suprised to find that a lot of students go out a lot of weekdays. On any given night you decide you want to have some can always find it. The most unsual thing about PC is the good chance that you will bump into a Friars dressed in long white dresses a couple times everyday. They might even teach your class. Yes, it's a strange thing to get used to but it's great to have a professor that cares about teaching you about more than just math or biology. Our mascot is a Friar. Which is terrifying. I still haven't gotten used to that yet. The best on campus events are Midnight Madness, Clam Jam, and Relay for Life.


Pc is is both big and small, but more small. You will know or recognize most of your class by graduation. Students are either into drinking or going to church. Sports can be exciting given the big east affiliation , but suck because they always loose. Your surrounded by a kinda shitty neighborhood. Amenities within walking distance include a few dive bars (easy to drink with fake ID) and a few take out restaurants. The city itself is great, but is a bus ride or drive away. Academics are competitive but not too rigorous.


PC is great if you are looking for a small school. It is easy to feel at home there and the students and faculty develop relationships and rapports becuase of the class size. If bigger is better for you then this is not the school, everyone ends up knowing everyone and what they did with their weekends. Providence is an amazing city when you venture out of the PC area which is not in a college friendly area aside from local bars that love the underage crowd. They student body is what makes the school a great place and the administration is what takes away from every good thing about PC, they are similar to overbearing parents including enforcing on campus rules to off campus houses. The Catholic rules seem a little archaic when enforced but it is something that everyone is dealing with, easy to get around and you get used to it. While students complain about the lack of diversity, it is not something that truly affects those who complain, who tend to hang out with their clones anyways, the campus is still segregated in terms of racial diversity. While there is little diversity, the few minorites that do come to our campus tend to socialize seperately from the majority of the campus- probably through no fault of their own.


This school is probably has the biggest bar scene out of every other college. There are 6 or 7 bars within 1 mile of the school that accept any i.d. It is small enough that you see people you know all the time and you feel a strong sense of belonging in the school community.Administration rips students off for any expenses-- damages to rooms, throwing up in bathrooms, violations, etc


There are roughly 4000 students, which I think is a perfect size. The only large class is DWC, and even then we are broken into 4 seminars at least once a week. I spend most of my time in the Performing Arts Building, practicing and doing my extracurriculars. I love that the city is easily accessible, but we still have a campus, and a beautiful campus at that. I haven't regretted my decision to attend PC for a second since I've been here.


the best thing about PC- i like the small campus and people are generally nice. One thing I would change is I would want the overall student population to be less apathetic. Or I'd change the fact that the administration doesn't seem to hold too much weight on student opinions, in my experience. There are very, very few people who care about any issues going on outside the campus and outside of drinking. I spend most of my time in my room, my friends' suite, or my boyfriend's dorm. There isn't really anywhere else to spend time outside of class. I think the only frequent complaints I've heard are that there isn't anything to do on weekends besides drink unless you are going downtown and spending money--which students don't tend to have much of.


Obviously, the ethnic range deficiencies is a major problem at PC, and most of the other problems I have with the college stem from this. The students at PC are incredibly sheltered, and that leads to rather predictable and repetitive behavior. Students at PC never seemed concerned about anything besides having more than a few drinks at a friend's dorm room. Yes, all college institutions have their share of parties, but PC doesn't seem to have "parties" but rather a drunken get-together. I rarely spend time on campus because of the downright boring repetitive happenings.


The best thing about PC is the social aspect, for me. I've met the greatest people there who enjoy going out and having a great time. The school is a perfect size, around 4000, where you don't know everyone but you know enough people where you walk around campus and can recognize people especially when you are there longer. When I tell people that I go to PC, people look at me like I go to a very prestigious school, which I feel it is. I spend most of my time on campus in my apartment or out on the quad when it is nice out or at the cafeterias. Providence, the city itself, is AMAZING. There are so many different things that you can do. The restaurants are also awesome and I find myself constantly trying new restaurants. The club/bar scene is never ending. The biggest recent controversy. Everyone is proud to be a FRIAR and we all have a ton of school pride. The most unusual thing about PC is probably the parietals rules that you face when you are a Freshman/Sophmore in the traditional dorms. But you get over those and by the time they really matter, you're in the apartments so parietals don't matter. I'll always remember JRW because it was the best weekend of my life. And getting the opportunity to go to the Commencement Week at PC with a friend who was graduating was absolutely amazing! The only complaint that I have is that the administration kind of stinks. They try to rip you out of a lot of money and they can be very unfair when you get in any trouble. They are always trying to get money out of you.


The best thing about PC is the sense of community! It may come from having a lot of preppy suburban kids from New England. It may also be that every single student is a leader. A PC student is the kind of kid who was a president of a club, a captain of a team, and a national honor society scholar. Students are deeply about their community on campus: this year they organized protests for fair wages for our cleaning service and free concerts and festivals in the Spring! We may also be bonded from surviving two years of the Development of Western Civilization program together. While DWC may seem like a lot of work for a general education course (5 days a week for 2 years of Philosophy, Theology, History, and Literature), I really agree with what my teacher said: "After two years of DWC you will really see your world come together." Even after one year I find myself making connections from class to other classes and the real world. After graduating from PC you will be able to have an intellectual conversation on any topic! One thing I would change about PC is the addition of Greek Life. Even though it is against our school's mission, it would be a nice change from the bar scene. While other students pay $5 a night for admission to a party, a PC student may spend up to ten times that for drinks at and taxis to a bar. There are some big house parties, but you can't count on them for every weekend. PC is just right in size. You become familiar with your professors- if you don't come to class, you better email them or have a good excuse! Even for the biggest class (about 50 people) in DWC, students swipe their ID card at the door to take attendance electronically. Still- beware. If you do embarrass yourself on the weekend, a LOT of people are going to know by Monday! It may seem that you start to see one-night-stands EVERYWHERE you go. When I tell people that I go to PC, I always get positive results. It's either "That's a great school," or "That's a great school; my brother went there!" Providence is definitely a college town with Brown, JWU, RWU, and RIC being nearby. PC kids usually only associate with Brown students and turn up their noses at the others. We are not right IN the city and have a lot of good bars right around campus. The city is a 5-minute bus ride (which we ride for free with our IDs) and is frequented often for the mall, statehouse, or various clubs (although these are not nearly as popular as bars). When the weather is nice, we hang out on Thayer St on the Brown Campus. There are lots of boutiques and cafes there. PCs administration is usually very helpful, but they expect you to take the initiative. Creating your own major or finding an on-campus job is mostly up to the amount of work you do. One experience I will ALWAYS remember is the Civ Scream the night before the DWC final exam. At midnight, the sophomores go out on to the quad to mud wrestle, streak, throw water balloons and other things. Everyone screams at midnight to release the stress of finishing two grueling years of DWC. All the classes participate or watch as a much-welcomed study break. Campus security sympathetically allows the shenanigans for a certain amount of time before they shut it down. It seems like something you'd only see in college movies, but it really happens!


PC is a great school and I would never take back going there. The best thing about PC is that its a small school with the classic college campus but its only two minutes from the downtown of a rapidly expanding city. Providence College really becomes more than a school, its a family and this feeling is only possible from its small size. Classes are small and professors know who you are. There are so many things to do in Providence with downtown and the east side only a few minutes away. School pride, especially in the athletics department is through the roof. With brand new gym facilities and a student center that includes a bar, bookstore, cafeteria, radio station and more, there is always somewhere to hang out and something to do.


ADMINISTRATION / FINANCIAL: Providence College is one of the most mismanaged institutions I have ever seen. And you wonder why the endowment is so low, and why they must nickel and dime students, and why students turn around as alums, and (rightfully) give NOTHING in return back. Sure, it's fun if you're just up to go out and get drunk every weekend, but if you have any depth as a person, you get tired of that about halfway through sophomore year if not sooner. There is something hypocritical about a school that acknowledges a “drinking problem”, then turns around and offers “wine tasting” and “Irish Night” on parents' weekends, and features mugs as the #1 giveaway by the school. A lot of PC's inattention to reality comes from the fact that it is managed by PRIESTS. This school will brag all day about how there are 2 more black students coming this year than last (ie, the basketball team expanded its roster), but yet when it comes to fostering TRUE diversity - diversity of thought, or diversity of opinion - the administration would rather shove the “ONE TRUE” teaching (notice the quote marks) of the Roman Catholic Church on everyone. Likewise, the school KNOWS it is near the bottom in many key metrics, and it's only plan to bridge the gap is to continue to raise tuition (6-7{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} annually, at least) to obscene levels given the value of the education and services provided. Furthermore, it is dedicated to spendthrift, and lavishness in the halls of the priests who reside on campus, however few of these improvements are worthwhile endeavors, and few actually benefit the students themselves. While you or your parents are paying tuition here, this school will still call you and ask you for money. Additionally, they claim to plan to attract more “high quality learners” yet will be removing merit based aid. Everything done by the administration is a living contradiction, a study in mutually exclusive opposites. ATHLETICS PC has division 1 athletics, but don't expect to get excited for anything. Fans are passive, don't know much about the teams or players, don't make road games, and are generally quiet and unsupportive. Likewise the teams themselves continue to live off past glory and fail to achieve present day success, using the “small school” excuse as the reason why. If you're contact with just making a conference tournament and losing, PC is for you. If you've been dreaming of being the guy on ESPN during March Madness deep into the NCAA tournament, forget about PC. You either take the sloppy seconds and be happy, making the playoffs and losing in Round 1, or you stop following PC sports seriously and just do something else. The one and only exception is Track/Cross Country, PC's strongest program, which ironically does not have a home track or course, so is rarely if ever witnessed in competition by the student body. HOUSING Housing is poor. Expect to have one person too many in your room as a freshman, and possibly even as a sophomore. On campus apartments are nice in terms of space, but the facilities are not. Six person apartments don't even have LIGHTS in the bedroom. Off campus offers freedom, but be ready to deal with petty landlords who won't fix anything and substandard housing that makes Section 8 seem like a good time. The housing selection process is also antiquated and ridiculous, as you will be picking apartment/suitemates for NEXT YEAR in the fall. Housing arrangements always change due to transfers, failouts, leaves of absence, and reorganizations, and this is a leading cause of frustration among students. Expect to be fined exorbitant amount for damages at the end of year, many of which won't actually be damages (ie a mess in the hallway = $150 charged to everyone). FOOD Ray food sucks. It's unhealthy, and meats are filled with laxatives so you won't get food poisoning if the food is undercooked. There are some alternatives, but you'll be sick of the same things over and over. Favorites like stuffed shells rarely appear on the menu, inexplicably. Come parents weekend, however, this dining hall will pull out ALL the stops to convince mommy and daddy its money well spent, and you will see stations open you've NEVER seen before... Slavin food is better, but you have to pay cash or charge card to eat there. My advice if you choose to go here, ditch the meal plan as soon as you can and cook for yourself in an apartment or off campus (or commute). You'll save you and your folks HUNDREDS of dollars.


Providence College is a great community. Everyone at the school is not only so friendly, but they are also genuine. People say hello to each other all the time. And they not only say hi because its expected, but because they genuinely care about the other people on their campus. When you meet people, they want to be your friend and get to know you well. Due to this great friendliness, the campus is a great atmosphere where everyone feels at home.


PC has great teachers. Its a small campus so the buildings are not far away from each other. They greatly improved the cafeteria if you will be living on campus, they always have foods for vegans as well. Overall, PC is worthy of anyone's college education. If I could change one thing, it would be the "Civ" program. Its a Western Civilization course which takes 4 semesters (2 freshman year and 2 sophmore year). They do have a lot of core requirements. Although the midnight civ screams held the midnight before the civ finals are always a blast (with streakers and random crazy acts on the quad) There is a lot of school pride with the sports teams, espicially basketball. In downtown Providence, the Dunkin Donuts center is full of Providence College merchandise.


There is a lot of pride in being a PC Friar. Located within the "college town" of Providence Rhode Island, with a size thats just right and one of the most student friendly environments in America, finding a "better" school then PC is near impossible. Yes, there are plenty of schools that are more difficult to get into. Yes, there are plenty of schools who have one more sports championships. However, there is no other school that offers as an encompassing four years of experience as Providence College.


Providence is a great place to attend school, but they don't accurately portray the housing or eating situations very well on campus. They bring you through the dining hall and then have you eat in Slavin which is the much more upscale place to eat on campus. Neither of these two eating facilities are open long enough either, but that isn't too big of an issue. More importantly, they never truly explain the severity of curfew in the dorms. I almost rather get caught binge drinking then having sex. That is one thing I never expected to experience on a college campus.


The best thing about PC is the small size of the school, it serves for a nice atmosphere where you can really get to know your professors and they honestly care about how you're doing in the class. You never feel overwhelmed on campus because it's such a nice size and very manageable. I'd change the red tape that you have to go through with administration in regards to making changes on campus. There isn't really a "college-town" atmosphere per say. Typically students hang out on off campus houses or head to the nearby bars. It's nice to go down-town and take advantage of the resturants/clubs, but most people just stay nearby and head to the bars instead. PC's administration is not very accomodating to listening to what the students want, too much red tape! The biggest recent controversey on campus was a series of pickets in order to come to an agreement over the salary of our custodial staff, they were being underpaid in comparision to the other local colleges, but their pickets were successful! Students mainly complain that PC is composed of about 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} middle/upper class white diversity!


The best thing about PC is its size. The thing I would change about PC is its size. There is a sense of community within the gates of PC because everyone recognizes everyone--we are all connected to each other through common associates, etc. Also, the smaller class size is a huge plus. But, the smaller size can also create serious drama with everyone getting up in everyone else's business.


The city of Providence is nice, but the area around PC is not. Don't expect to frequently meander off campus to go enjoy a petite scone at the local starbucks. We're in the middle of a pretty shady neighborhood. The campus itself is nice, and the off-campus houses are cheap, accessible, and tend to be a lot of fun.


In my opinion PC's strongest point is its student body. I love going to school here because of the students. The academics here are great but the administration needs a lot of work. They are unorganized and are often very difficult to deal with. You will get a good education here and have the best time of your life without question, but be prepared to be very annoyed with the school's administration in general. They are beginning to fix some problems but they still have a lot to do. The big picture is that the benefits of going here outweigh the drawbacks without question.


If i wrote about everything id change it would be entirely too long to read


One of the best thing's about PC is the quality and prestige of the education and institution. Diversity is a continous issue at Providence College. Anywhere you go someone will either know or even have been to Providence College. The actuality of the lack of diversity is not due only on the part of Providence College but the desire is not there by minorities to attend this institution. The school is on the small side for some but on the large side for others based upon one's hometown and past school setting experiences. There are about 3900 students and many faces are familiar even though you may not literally know the student. McPhail's is a popular place on campus. The city of Providence has many interesting characters but it is a college town with surrounding schools: Johnson & Wales University (JWU), Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Brown University, Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI). Close by is also University of Rhode Island (URI), Salve Regina Univeristy, and Bryant University. As far as PC's administration... they are set in their traditional ways. Alcohol is the continuous controversy on campus. There is alot of school pride; especially for the Men's Basketball, Hockey, and Soccer teams. GO FRIARS! Development of Western Civilization is a core part of the curriculum and Parietals (rules about when members of the opposite sex can visit in the dorms) is what is unusual about PC. The most frequent student complaints would have to be Raymond cafeteria and meal plan options, and Office of Residence Life's housing process.


It's our own community on campus but great to be so close to downtown Providence. There is always something new and fun to do on or around campus. The size is perfect.. you see someone you've never seen before every day, and at the same time can run into friends everywhere.


I absolutely love PC and wouldn't trade the opportunity to be a part of my college for anything! One thing that I wish that they improved was the amount of activity on lower campus. The traditional dorms on lower campus are the ones everyone dreads getting and are usually felt left out. I know it may be tough to incorporate but it would have made a lot of my friends have a better first year experience. I love that my school is small. I know so many faces and really enjoy how close everything is. The atmosphere at PC is fantastic, it is truly a very warm and welcoming college and you feel like you have a place right off the bat. I work in the Alumni Office as my work-study job and it is truly evident threw the alum how much PC impacted them and gave them a great education to build on in the 'real world'. One of my favorite things about PC are all the opportunities I have been given to better the person I am, spiritually and intellectually. I have been able to do what I really love which is volunteering through numerous programs. Since PC is in an area different than that which I grew up working with inner-city children and special needs adults has really broadened my view of all the great people out there. I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. I can't say enough good things about PC. I really feel so so blessed that they gave me the opportunity and financial support to make my hard work pay off, I'm so grateful and feel so lucky. Words can't describe how much PC has influenced my life for the better.


There are alot of things wrong with PC. Why haven't they invested more in the neighborhood? Why can't we have a Thayer St. with shops and restuarants aimed at students? We could coordinate our efforts with RIC. Yet this administration is to closed minded and inept to do it. And get some new food for God's sake, they should be ashamed of what they are feeding us.

Lauren Migliacci

Best thing: Good, well rounded education, good name, and good parties. One thing to Change: Way to many requirments: CIV is a four semester requirement, and about nine other required courses (in every single subject area including theology, science, social sciences etc.) I wish it was a little bigger and it was a little more diverse. School Size: It is defnitiely a community, but it fits the needs of a medium side school How people react: They usually think I am saying that i go to BC, and then when they realize they are like: Oh, well that is a religious school huh? And yes, that would be true. If they are younger people, they ask me if it is true the whole school is a bunch of drunks. And yes, that is also true. Where do I spend my time: usually in my room when studying, but library is occasionally. I work 10 horus a week at the gym for work study and eat three meals a day in Raymond Cafeteria as a freshman. College Town: There are about four bars for underage drinking, and about five streets off the main street where they have house parties (no frats or soririties) The mall and downtown is a bus ride away, but the city is certianly not Boston or New York, but it serves it purpose. Administration: Teachers are pretty cool, but the friars and nuns are a handfull. But again, it depends on the person and overall not bad Biggest COntroversy: PARIETALS on going a battle to extend them (weekdays it is 12a.m!) and becuase we "are a catholic college" we are all virgins so boys and girls together is a sin... School Pride: Yes, basketball, and drinking are pretty a college we bond over that. Experience: I did alot as a freshman so i tried to take every opportunity availbale to me. Loved everything


Pc could be soo much better if parientals were abolished and the dorms were coed.


This is definitely a college town, though PC is not the only college in town. There are 3 other colleges in the city of Providence, and the town recognizes it and has enough things for college kids to do if they so desire. One of the biggest complaints is the food in Ray (the cafeteria). Another is parietals (or visitation hours) being over too early.


Downdown Providence is really close, great night life. The school is rather small, but large enough that it doesn't feel like a high school. The surrounding neighborhood is a bit rough.


Best thing at PC is the classes, they are great for the most part. I would change some of the teaching staff however. School is small, and I like it that way. PC is well-known, and is held in high academic regard. I spend most of my time in my room, or in the various common areas on campus. Providence is a college town, with lots of partying opinons, if you are into that. PC's administration is good for the most part. The biggest recent controversy was over how much the janatorial staff should be making, when they went on strike for a new contract. There is a lot of pride in PC.


I love Providence College, I feel that it is a great size and the people are all so nice. It is a great location, only like 7mins from downtown Providence and you can go anywhere in Rhode Island for free. Boston is only 30 mins away and the beaches are close too. We spend most of our time in the dorms, the library, and Ray Cafeteria. The worst part is the parietals and the single sex housing.


The stereotypes many be true to a large extent but that does not mean one must fall under conformity. That is exactly how stereotypes are formed. Yes this school may be predominantly causation, with a drinking problem but individuality does not come from being different by outward appearances but rather deciding to follow one's own path. As for the drinking problem, yes PC seems to be filled with many off campus establishments that allows for easy attainable alcohol, but one would have to be naive to believe that this does not happen all over the country with other universities. The only difference is that while PC students get the title of alcoholics because students are seen walking to local events, our competitor schools drink just as much in the comfort of there own dorms.


There is always something to do, on campus or off. The board of programers sponsors many events throughout the year, usually one or two a week. If you are into the party scene the 4 major bars around campus are where to go. They are very easy to get into with a fake i.d which freshmen usually get within the first month. The new Concannon Fitness center is so sick, most amazing place on campus. Raymond Cafeteria is better than most other colleges' food.


There is little school pride due to lack of the male athletics. Basketball draws attention but more then half of the home games are during vacation where students are unable to attend. The housing system is a complete wreck and has screwed over students time after time....also the fact that one is unable to receive scholarship money after they have be admitted is ridiculous. A student could have a 4.0 after the first year, be valedictorian and would still not be able receive any scholarship money. The food is less than par seeing that the price of the education is so pricey....


The best thing about PC is the bar scene, just about anybody can get into them, and everybody goes so its a great social situation. PC is just the right size, two medium size campus section: Upper and Lower, by the end of freshman year you will know 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the people in your grade. The school pride is not to big, except for basketball. This is not always a bad thing, as people will be more apt to celebrate another schoolsbig win with a couple beers on any night of the week. The one thing that I would change is pariatles, boys cant have girls in thier rooms past 2 AM on the weekends and 12AM on the weekdays, this is a majot nuesance if you are trying to hook up with a chick seeing as there is no where to go to be in private.


Best thing about PC is definitely the community. Everyone smiles at you and you can't walk from one place to another without seeing someone you know. It's just about the right size w/ 4000 students. PC definitely gets a rep as a party school....we work hard and we play hard. Providence is a college-town in general, although we are in a bit of a sketchy neighborhood. Stuff happens, but school does a good job letting students know and keeping them safe. Much school pride at the sporting events, which for us are bball and hockey, b/c of no football.


PC's administration is misleading and difficult to deal with. One often has to go through many channels to get something done. Or in order for a department to notice that you have a problem, all hell must break loose.