Providence College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Providence College?


I think the most frustrating thing for me was the cost of attendance. In hindsight I should have sought out a school where I received more financial assistance, because I am now suffering through debt. However, Providence has a very sound reputation in the Northeast, where I currently live. I believe this will eventually outweigh the cost of attendance at PC, but for now it is definitely frustrating.


All of the great things found at PC also bring along some negatives. The cost to attend this school is not cheap. Scholorships and grants do make it easier, but cost is a major aspect that can turn some students away. Another small issue is the crime that is commited just off the campus. However, if the student is aware of the safety precautions and doesn't travel alone late at night on these particular streets, this will be a very minor problem and will not effect the student's college experience.


The most frustrating thing about Providence College is its poor way of communication; I've had numerous phone calls in the middle of class, and almost got in trouble for it.




The buracracy, it is very difficult to do things that are out of the norm. Any time you have a problem, there is a whole litony of people you need to go through to even begine to resolve it. They make study abroad difficult, they make it difficult to start a new club, they make individualized studies difficult, it is impossible to take an extra class. If you need to move in a few days early or stay on campus during a break, because you are coming from far away, forget it, res-life is compleatly unaccomidating.