Providence College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Providence College is how the diversity provides a sense of community. Providence is a college that does nothing but welcome others into their lives and work to build a family other than the loved ones at home. The transition from home to school was easy because of everyone at Providence.


I think the faculty is the best part about Providence College. Each and every member of the faculty here will go out of his/her way to ensure students are getting as much help as they need. This is so important especially as a freshman! Transitioning from high school to college is diffuclt but the faculty here really ensures students are getting help whenever they may need it.


I have enjoyed my classes and I really feel that my professors are really striving to teach everything they can about that particular class without overwhelming us. The classes are interesting and so are the professors. The professors I have had have been really engaging and that keeps me engaged. Even if I don't like the subject it becomes interesting because the teacher loves what they do.


The best thing about Providence College is that it is a small campus, which means that as you walk to class, there are many familiar faces. With a small campus and small student body, it is easy to get to know a lot of people.


It's small and everyone knows everyone.


Students are generally friendly and the campus is a very scenic, comfortable place to live.


The professors really cared about your career and studies. They always went out of their way to help you better undertstand a tricky concept or give you advice on your future career path. They were always there for me and it was great knowing they were always a phone call away. They still are now that I've graduated.


The faculty are very intelligent and helpful. The students are also very smart and studious. The campus isn't too big and the security is extremely good at their job. I always feel safe.


The best thing about Providence College for me is that it is a cohesive and welcoming community environment.