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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Boy the thing i would tell myself is never give up on your dreams. Always strive to the person that you want to be not what others tell you how you should do thing. That going back or furthering your educaution will help you in the long run, find out what you really enjoy doing and go for it. There is schools for chefs, auto repair, itt tec, anything that you can think of. Look you enjoy cooking there is culinary schools for differant styles of cooking. You can go to a 30 week program here in San Antoino Texas, Culinary Instuite of America they teach you all the basics from knive skills, the varies fruits, vegs, even the styles across the world. So prusue your dream, don't make a wrong descion but go to collage and see what the world can provide for you. You want to make a great pay instead of these boring half ass jobs that dont even pay you enough to survie off, so now is the time to look forward and get into school so you know when you are done you will be able to have a job you love and want .