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What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

There is not much that I wish I could have known before going to Quinsigamond Community College, but I do wish I had a better knowledge of the program of study that I was entering. I had originally chose the General Studies program but found out that some 4-year universities won't accept some of he credits earned in the program so I switched to Liberal Arts. Another issue would been to have known how many class to take or a good order to take the classes that would have helped me finish in the two years.

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I wish I would have known how serious college is. Also I would have liked to know that when you go to school the teachers are there to teach you and if you dont want to learn then thats not there fault. You need to want to go to college. If you dont then your not only wasting your own time, but also all of the people that want to help you succeed in life. There is also someone out there who would have liked your spot and who would have actually took the time to learn the work.

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I wish I had known how much I would get attached to this school.

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