Rhode Island School of Design Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are creative and friendly.


The students at RISD are the most motivated, creative, and passionate group of people I have ever met in my life.


My classmates are unique and original and work very hard to stay focused.


highly artistic people. Hard working, and motivated individuals who are dedicated to doing the best job possible. students at risd take initiative to solve problems. People here are usaly self-sufficient, have a good use of common sense. are able to adapt to new situation, and able to make a good thing out of a bad situation. the student body , They make life more interesting and are often instrumental in generating creative energy . but most importantly the students here are Known For personal commitment and dedication to the enrichment of their community, and for exemplifying the highest standard of excellence.


RISD students are pretty progressive. All the issues you might find at universities and colleges are not big issues at RISD. The foreign student population is fairly large and it is always great fun to be around people with different backgrounds and experiences. Many great international friendships come out of attending the school and, later, a number of marriages and familes too.


My classmates are very creative, talented, smart, friendly, helpful, and always have innovative ideas.


moivated, ambitious, intelligent, helpful, creative


The people I am now surrounded with are friendly, hardworking, creative and have changed the way I look at the world.


While I feel that I'm constantly competing with my classmates, underneath there is a sense of comradery in the sense that each of us has sacrificed practical futures to come to art school and pursue our dreams.


My classmates are very passionate about their work, and I think that sometimes this causes them to come across as being somewhat pretentious.


The setting is a two-dimmensional design class of twenty students, each of whom is uniquely dressed and all looking at one student's painting; the students offer encouragement, new ideas, and criticism based on their artistic and personal knowledge of the particular artist, knowledge which can only come from a small school emphasizing small-sized, tight-knit, 8-hour classes.


Classmates are strongly devoted to their interests, very creative, and typically intelligent, but not as interesting as they pretend to be.


Quirky, fun, and intense, my classmates have inspired me in my work and supported me through any difficulties I have encountered.


The students at RISD are all artists, so my classmates are all very different, but everyone is creative in some way.


My classmates are all very unique and different. Students come from all over the country and world to go to RISD and it allows you to meet some very different and interesting people.