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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


its never the end o the world, go where feels riht but if it doesnt work out, you can always change.


To find the right college, the students should first decide what sort of a career they would like to have. If they do not have a clear idea of what school they want to go to, they should ask their guidance counselors and teachers for advice, because they generally know a lot about different colleges. Another thing that is important is to visit any colleges the student is thinking of applying to, because just seeing the campus could determine whether or not it is the right college. To make the most of the college experience, it is important that the student begins working hard their first year, to ensure that they have a good GPA by the time they graduate. I would also advise going to many or at least of the parties and events the school hosts, because those can often be very fun experiences and are a great way to meet new people.


To students, I advise that they pursue admission and attendance to their dream college, no matter how much it costs or how far away it is from home. It may be scary to move so far away, but students can't, or shoudn't, be dependent on their parents forever, and there may be a daunting amount of money to pay, but there is always financial help available for students if they ask the right people and put in the effort to earn financial aid. College can serve as a transition between childhood and adulthood, so while students need to prioritize their academic success, they need to take advantage of as many social and extracirricular opportunities as possible. To parents, I advise that they merely support their college student, but that they respect their student's desire to become increasingly independent. Whereas college can be wonderful for the student, who is handed responsiblities and is given a taste of adulthood without actually being thrown into the real world, it can be a horrible time for parents, who may have trouble letting go and who may fear for their son or daughter's success in the world beyond college.


I've seen many students worring about their decision on colleges. I asked them this question first. "what's your dream?" and i told them to pursue that dream with the right choice of the major. Depending on the majors, the students chose right collges.


Take a chance and choose what school is right for you!