Roger Williams University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students in my program are usually older than the normal student and have worked in a field for quite some years. Many are parents, who have put off school to care for children or are starting second careers.


I currently take courses online so I haven't met them.


My classmates are friendly and eager to learn, when I first started talking to people in my class I was surprised to hear they were most excied to start learning about their major.


Extremely friendly.


They are overachievers who work hard to succeed and set themselves up properly for the "real world."


RWU students are hard working, intelligent people who want to help and learn both in the classroom and in the communities surrounding the campus.


Drunken, over-priveledged, under-educated, immature children pretend to be ready to live on their own while doing nothing but making themselves out to be a collective of utter worthlessness that anyone with half of a functioning brain or any desire to actually learn should not wish to willingly associate with.


All the students are very friendly and it's easy to make friends, but a majority are pretty rich.


All of my classmates are welcoming and very nice; everyone is excited to be here, to get to know new people, and to start a new chapter in their lives.


Most of my classmates are smarter than me.


My classmates are interested in learning and interactive in class, they are fairly diverse group of students, but not as diverse as some schools.


My classmates are fun people and they are easy to get to know.


My classmates are all relatively nice and helpful when it comes to interaction in class or on an assignment.


rich and snoby, don't care about their education, getting by on the minimum.


My classmates at Roger Williams University are diverse in ethnic background, unique in their hobbies and interests, and bring new and exciting perspectives and ideas to class discussions and the university as a whole.


My classmates are all on different levels; some are very intellegant and some struggle.


my classmates range from reasonably motivated to useless, not to be harsh. some are not going anywhere except for where they are pushed. i've learned that anyone can walk out of this place with a degree but you need to apply yourself in order to succeed, so if you've got the money and like the water, come here, but i'm sure it will all be the same in 20 years for you if you go to a state school or community college.


The chemistry students are outgoing.


Most of my classmates are driven and really strive to succeed academically. There are so many opportunities awarded to us at this school and, for the most part, my classmates take advantage of them. Whether it's studying abroad, accepting a club officer position, or joing the Squirrel Viewing Entente (I know!), students are doing what they love and helping each other get involved.


My classmates are hard working, dedicated, fun loving, diverse, students who like to have a good time.


White, Rich, Underachivers; RWU. (Except for the Architecture students, they are not underachivers at all.)


we aren't diverse at all...tho faculty tries to say we are


Well, most people that go here are from New England, followed by New Yorker's (yayyy!) and people from New Jersey. A lot of people come from upper-middle class to upper class families. Different students interact all the time.


If you're friendly and open, you should have no problems at all. I feel like everyone finds a place here. Its not hard to make friends. As far as race, religion, and economic status goes... as long as you dont judge others in those terms you should be fine. Its really a friendly place. It does get "cliquey" but you'll find a group of friends with the same interests as you. Its no more difficult than any other school. I have a lot of different groups of friends and everyone is really accepting. Good people make good friends. As for style- the school is pretty preppy to laid back. Some people go to extremes and dont get much criticism for it. You'll see a lot of ugg, polo, tommy hilfinger, abercrombie... thats not everyone though. I've never heard anyone get made fun of for what the tag on their clothes says. I wouldnt recommend making fun of anyone else for that either.