Roger Williams University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for is law program and architecture program. It also has a beautiful campus right on the ocean.


RWU is best known for its mantra of learning to bridge the world by contributing to local and global communities.


Roger Williams is best known for the beauty of the campus.


Our Architecture department


Roger Williams University is best known for its beautiful location. Located right on the bay of Bristol, every step on campus is scenic. The campus is not too big but spread out among grassy quads where students can interact. The campus is beautiful and has many new buildings overlooking the bay.


My school is best known for its architecture program and its marine biology program.the architects are constantly hard at work, developing the most amazing structures and plans. The always complain they have the most work to do, but I think it’s worth it! Also, It is the ideal spot for marine studies because of its location being so close to water. Students frequently apply to my school only because they have heard of these great programs.


The architecture program


The atmosphere and the beautiful campus. It also seems to be known for its good law program and good liberal arts programs.


Rich White Underachiever. Totally not true but thats what everyone says when I tell them I go to school here.


I heard they had a good engineering program and the only law school in RI. I love that there is so much help at this school with math and science classes.


It's research facilities.


My school is best know for how beautiful it is, it is located right on the mount hope bay. It is known for the students having a lot of work and always in the library. It is also known for going to the bars in providence. The food is amazing.


Major-wise, I believe my school is most known for Architecture and Marine Biology. I also believe my school is known for the location and the beauty of the campus.


I think Roger Williams is still making a solid name for itself. The school is extremely focused on sustainability and "green" initiatives; also, there has been a push to increase social/ethnic diversity on campus. Even over the 4 years I attended RWU I saw the school growing immensely.


RWU is best known for its beautiful waterfront location and growing campus. Located right on the Mt. Hope Bay-there is not a bad view from any point of the school. The school is currently underowing extreme renovation, including: a new admissions building, a new academic building with several computer/mac labs, and a new dormitory with four seperate buildings connected by a commons area.


Roger Williams is best known for how happy all of their students are.


the law school and its programs in architecture and marine biology




The school is known for its increasing reputation, having the only law school in rhode island as well as being located right near the water.


My school is best know for its programs like the law and buisness programs. It is also know for its extracurricular activities like sailing and performing arts. The students here are very intellegent and want to make a difference.