Roger Williams University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It's a good school but it's very concerned with image and academically it is not very challenging.


not that big of a sports school-MAD party school--its wonderful...providence is easy to get to via RIPTA when u dont have a car as a freshmen


I loveeeee it here. It's the perfect size, and there's something here for everyone. Music, sports, cultural activities, EVERYTHING. The food is good (I mean, it's not WONDERFUL, but it's pretty damn good. once a year we have steak and lobster dinner...enough said). There's never a dull moment, you can always find something to do. There's always school-sponsored movies and stuff like that, and of course there's always parties on and off campus if you're into that. The location is PERFECT. 30 min bus ride from Providence (HUGE mall, clubs, restaurants...i mean it's a city) and like a 40min bus ride from Newport (beaches, cute stores, restaurants), and Bristol is a nice town too...very cute to walk around. The dorms aren't bad, and they're all really different.


The Location is great, the food is good, the weather could be better.. lots of slush. If you've never seen slush actually falling from the sky and are curious about what thats like- come experience it at RWU. The people are lots of fun, it can get a little gossipy because its not a huge school but I've always felt like its just right- the kind of place where you can walk in to a random party and know at least one person but you could meet new people every day right up until you graduate. The school is getting better known, especially in new england- lots of people from CT, MA, NY and Jersey. RA's and public saftey are a pain in the ass but if you find the right crowd the night life can be pretty fun. Bristol and the surrounding towns (one of which is Newport) are really scenic, with good restaurants a few bars... shopping. Very "new england".. you'll never be bored on a nice day. You can rent kayaks for free and go out on the bay!