Roger Williams University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who want a school that is like a community.


The kind of person who is very focused. There isn't a whole lot to do besides study.


I think that any person who wants to make lifelong friends, live on a beautiful campus close to 2 great cities, and can balance both a rigorous academic life with an active social life should attend RWU.


individuals who are openminded and desiring to become part of a diverse and open community.


Someone who didn't get into the school of his or her choice and is looking for fun.


Any one who wants to learn, have a bright future, and an overall great college experience.


Someone who is hardworking and wants to prepare for a better future, with a good career. The kind of person who is well rounded and opinionated, and not afraid to stand out.


Someone who enjoys learning but also having fun. They want to have a smaller school. Its right on the water so if they like natures and outdoors it is perfect. There are a lot of activities but there is no huge sports teams.


Anyone can attende this school. They are growing their base of students from all walks of life. Its a welcoming, challenging , and fun environment


Someone who is goal oriented and has a major they want to follow already in mind. You must want to work hard, and also be prepared for a work load that can sometimes be overwhelming.