Roger Williams University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The study abroad program is amazing because it is very expansive and affordable. Study abroad was a big factpr in my final decision and I am glad I chose this school in that aspect.


Small Classes. It allowed you to connect with the professors, and work with them.


There are a large number of campus activities for students to become involved with, academic resources are available for students, it is a very close-knit community so it is easy to meet and make friends.


The sailing team is the best thing because it gives me a feeling of belonging somewhere.


The course specific classes like Marine Mammology are amazing. The professors who teach these types of classes have completed research in that field and really make the class interesting.


The professors who teach at my college are ultimately what makes Roger Williams University so special. I truly feel like my education is in great hands when I'm in class or at a lecture. The staff is caring and highly intelligent. They show the students individual care and realize that their jobs rely on our success and understanding, yet seem to work so hard for our educational benefit rather than the benefit of their salary. I know that as a Roger Williams student, I will succeed because of my professors' devotion to my education.


The best thing about my school is the architecture program. I have only been there for one semester but I have learned a lot so far and I can not wait to continue my education.


I consider the best thing about my school to be its academics. The class sizes are very small which allow for a better learning experience and allow the teacher to get to know you as an individual, and not one of many.


I was able to choose a major as well as a minor, enhancing my opportunities for when I graduate.


Its a beautiful campus, good classes to take, teachers are very helpful


The best thing here at Roger Williams University is the area. It is beautiful!


The best thing is the ability to get envolved in student events and the ability to get to know and work with staff and faculty


The food is the best thing about the school. It has a lot of choices and it is organic and fresh.


Someone who wishes to pursue their education beyond the undergraduate level, with receiving some technical based courses but mostly classes focused on the liberal arts.


The best thing about my school was its size. I went to a very small high school (graduating class of 76) and so I did not want to attend a large university. Everything is pretty much in walking distance and the campus is smaller and all the buildings are fairly centrally located. You could walk to just about every part of campus in about 10 minutes. It was really nice.


the looks


The campus is beautiful. Everyone here is happy and is friendly. There are small classes and the teachers are all very helpful. I love the atmosphere, it could be a bit bigger but slowly RWU is getting bigger. It is right between Newport and Providence which gives you a lot to do.