Saint Edward’s University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very accepting of people who are not like them.


My classmates are motivated individuals.


My classmates are culturally aware, fun, exciting, intellectual individuals, that seek knowledge, and adventure.


My SEU classmates are a diverse, globally-conscious, creative, intelligent, and inquisitive group of individuals whose unique characteristics come together within the processes of learning to produce a cross fertilization of ideas that promotes new ideas and better understanding of the world and our individual places in it.


Social, driven and fun!


I feel like my fellow hilltoppers are very much like me. I feel like in such a small school you tend to have people that really want to be there, and really want to learn to better there future. Also i think that the diversity of the campus is really nice i have learned so many things about so many different types of people just beacuse in a small enviorment people are more likely to want to get to know each other. My classmates are awesome, and im glad to have them!


My classmates are energetic, responsive, determined, and focused.


Some are open minded but a lot do not like to see other's points of view, and it is often difficult to encourage them to engage in the class discussions.


My classmates are an outgoing and intelligent group of individuals who are here for the same reason as I am, because they are eager to learn and advance themselves academically and spiritually.


The students you will meet at St. Edward's are: friendly, diverse, academically focused, fun, unique, and easy to talk to!


Determined and unique people striving to leave behind a footprint of individuality in a world in which they seek to not only make a difference, but inspire those around them to do the same.


Funny, supportive, serious, and friendly.


Students who are looking to change the world by using moral reasoning, critical and creative thinking, and proposing solutions the social issues plaguing society.


Diverse, social, enthusiastic and goal oriented


Most of my classmates are working professionals and/or parents and are very good at helping each other in class and with homework.


My classmates are all polite and kind people. We study together and always help eachother in order to reach our goals. At my school the people are always helpful and open to new ideas.


My classmates are very inquisitve and make the learning environment interesting for me as a student. I learn from them as much as they learn from me. They are also easy to get along with and are very goal driven.


People were friendly, but it was difficult to get close to them and have real relationships.


They are just there to get a grade, and you might possibly become friends with the person sitting next to you.


Helpful and encouraging in most cases.


eccentric, extremely smart and well informed on current events, eager to learn, and friendly.


they love to participate in class.


They are fun and very down to earth loving people.


My classmates are unique,diverse, artistic, and intelligent individuals.


My classmates at St. Edwards are very friendly, helpful and upbeat. If there is something you did not understand in class, it is very easy to find help. It is so easy to make friends here- especially since the class sizes are typically smaller. People here are also determined and focused- doing the best to make something of themselves.


Through working with my classmates I not only made friends, but learned and grew academically because of their scholarship.


Everyone is friendly and intellegent.


My classmates are intelligent; one of those students who doesn't comes to get just a degree....the kind who are there for a good challenge.