Saint Edward’s University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about my professors and how knowledgeable they are. they inspire me to learn every day.


When my friends ask about what I like about Saint Edward's, the first thing I say is that it is small. I like how small it is because I feel that I would become just a number at a bigger school but here, I am an individual. The classes are small and allow for active discussions and the professors are encouraging and helpful. There are a lot of organizations and volunteer and travel abroad opportunities. There is always something going on and is situated in a great and growing city.


When I brag about my school, I love to mention how liberal and accepting the whole community of St. Edward’s and Austin is! Here at St. Ed’s, we have the most amazing view of the downtown skyline! Hill Fest, a St. Edward’s event, has live music and the most breath taking view from the top of our hill while watching the fireworks. Another bragging point is that the class size ratios are small; I am able to get a one on one experience instead of being one of 500 students in an auditorium! The professors actually care!


My school ACTUALLY cares about me. My teachers know me by name, rather than just a number. The Campus is so pretty and everyone there is friendly and willing to help.


How beautiful the campus is. There is a positive energy on camus- in the middle of Texas this bright, green, lively world. When you walk from the library to the theater past all those green trees and see students laying out on blankets and reading, and you catch a peek of the Austin skyline down the hill- it's the perfect blend of idyllic pastoral and metropolitan opportunity.


Upon discussions with friends, I openly pride myself in attending this university. Classroom sizes are small which provide adequate and personal connections to the professors. Also, the food is excellent and of the highest quality! Whether one is vegan or vegetarian, there are many dishes that cater to this, as well as offering international specialties. The abundance of free, fun, interesting events is something that many of my friends also envy! St. Edward's caters to the wants of its students very well- it is located in a city with a reputable music history, yet feels like a tightknit community.


The class sizes are small, seldom ever over 25 students, and the professors truly care about the students and their success in the course.


The small beautiful campus. How easy it is for a students to talk to their professors.


I tell them that I love the school I am attending. I love how small the classes are and how I have much more one on one time with my professors.


The thing I brag about most when I talk to my friend would have to be that my school offers a lot of opportunities for academic success and cultural enrichment. St. Edwards University offer all it student free tutors, writing tutor to assists with writing assignments, and there are numerous opportunity to have really one on one time with our professor, which I find that a lot of other schools do not have.


I am most please with the "New College", wihich is a program for non-traditional students that want to go back to school and get their degree.


That it is incredible! The university is very diverse and it is very easy to get involved through Student Life organization. The education and academic support are also fantastic. Overall, it is the best school for me.


The campus itself is beautiful and spans over a big hill overlooking downtown. So probably how nice it is to hang around campus and enjoy.


Diverse, incredible faculty, highly motivating and inspiring.


The realtionship I have with my professors. I feel that the connection we make with our professors allows us a better insight on our career options.


The campus us beautiful. The teachers know you and are very accommodating.


How wealthy all the students are. The clothes that are worn, and the cars in the parking lot. We are walking perfection.


It's friendly


The size, the location (in Austin TX), and the realationships the porfessors have with the students.


I really love Austin, Texas and I have great friends here. I love the small classes St. Ed's offers and the teacher to student ratio. Everyone on campus is super nice and willing to help you out or point you in the right direction. I have always felt welcome anywhere on campus and all of the facilities are great or being improved.


I love how green my school is- both in its environmental policies and the actual amount of campus space taken up by grass and trees. St. Edward's is the best of both worlds. It is a small, liberal arts school with access to the city of Austin.


First I like to point out about St. Eds is the fact that it's located at the highest point in Austin so there is a great view of downtown!! Then I like to tell them about our beautiful campus that is a world away from the one around it. It's a small campus that is in the middle of a city and you wouldn't even know it. When you are on the campus it's so comforting and welcoming and there are trees and squirrels everywhere; it's just a great place to visit and attend!


The classes are small, the food is pretty good (though expensive), pretty campus, located conveniently


the best view in austin