Saint Louis Community College-Meramec Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to actually listen to adults and teachers when they give you advice. You don't know it at the time, but these people are actually trying to help you and have experience with what they are talking about. Some teenagers just let it go in one ear and out the other. For me, I would tell myself that these things you're being told are actually important and worth while.


Be very difficult for me to imagine myself as a high school senior as my home situation forced me out of school and to work. If I could return to that era of my life when I should have been a senior, I would tell everyone - I made it - after fifty-four years of trying, I made it. You damn well better know I'm loving it too. It is not too late for me, nor anyone else who really wants to apply themselves.


If I were to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say "Adam, do not go to college just to go. Have a purpose or a direction to start from. This idea and goal can always change. If you are unsure on what you want to do for the rest of your life, that's ok. But if this is the case, then you should start out at a Community College and finish your general education requirements. This will give you an opportunity to study a wide range of topics and get the feel for the college classroom. If you have success, then move on to a four-year college or university. These two years of community college are not a failure, but a stepping stone. In the end, you will come out with less debt and still earn your degree. If you think college is all about parties and having fun, go ahead and flunk out of that four-year school you applied at. But if you want to be successful, start at a community college". This lesson I learned the hard way. No regrets. Life is about preperation and opportunity.


When I meet myself, I would know I was going through an emotionally difficult time. I was not involved in extracurricular activities in high school, and I was going through an emotional time. I was worried about the college experience; if I would be too stressed out, or too pessimistic to appreciate the experience. In order to change this attitude, I would tell myself, "You only have each experience once. Take advantage of them. Enjoy them, and life will be good." I wouldn't want to reveal anything specific, because ruining the mysteriousness of the future would likely leave me unable to take the chances that allowed me to grow into the person I am today. Instead, I would try to stop looking at my life so negatively, and instead make the best of every experience. With it being my last year in high school, I would recognize the concept, knowing I can't turn back and can only move forward. I would apply this advice to change my perspective because college students only have the genuine college experience once--and I would do my best enjoy it and take advantage of every opportunity that arises.


This a letter to my 17-year-old-self, Dear Diaunna Rodgers, This is you 10 years from today. I don't think you should accept the scholarship to Harris-Stowe because you will not stay there (only one semester and you will be out of there!) You will not like it. I know all of your teachers want you to go that college but what do you want ? You want to be an Interior Designer, you?ve been knowing this for about two years now. Next year you will want to go to MEDICAL SCHOOL DON?T!!!!! It will only put you in debt, debt that you don?t need. College is a place where you are supposed to be able to have fun and enjoy yourself, take cold showers and eat crappy food and gain the famous freshmen 15. So I?m telling you to apply to that art school in Chicago, you may just get in, your mother will be okay, she can handle it all by herself and you will be able to help her later, your boyfriend is a loser, so don?t stay in town for him either. Love, Diaunna Rodgers 27


Take more time to ask questions and really learn all your opitions


I went to a very interesting high school. Providence Christian Academy is a very small college preperatory in south St. Louis. It is a Classical school, which means they teach the classics as part of the major curriculum, things like plato and aristotle, and caesar and all the greek and roman philosophers, and up through the renaissance and people like St. Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas, and all the way up through modern american classics, like To Kill A Mockingbird. We were always a year ahead of the public schools in math, and we studied hard, and did well, most of the time. Because my high school was so small, I hadn't been exposed to a lot of social things typical of the american public school system, like, bad language, young pregnancies, violence, and any knowledge of or association with gay people. Making the transition into that, from a small, private, christian school was very difficult, and I would definitely go back in time and prepare myself for that a little more. Not that there's anything wrong with my high school, I enjoyed my time there. Academically, college was what i expected. But socially, it was a big change.


I would first make sure you know what field you want to be in . Second do your research of the schools that have the field you want to be in and pick the one best suits your needs the best. Also when you go to college is make sure you are prepared and say to yourself I will suceed in college I believe in you.


If I were lucky enough to go back to my senior year of high school, knowing what I know now, I would have taken my classes and experiences more seriously. I would have advised myself to become more responsible and self-motivated, and to get more involved in community outreach opportunities that were offered. I would tell myself to stop blaming everyone else for my failures. I would also tell myself that my parents, teachers, and counselors really do know what they are talking about, no matter how old and out-of-touch they seem. In college, I have found that I am my own (and sometimes only) cheerleader; no one wants me to succeed more than I do. Although my parents are there to lend their support, and the teachers will help in any way they can, I am the one who is truly responsible for how well I do in school. I would remind myself of how lucky I am to be able to get an education that will lead to a better life for me and for my baby.


go to a good college and take your life seriously and dont fuck up your chances at success, talk your way and hustle hard. learn it. love it. live it.


Dear Mina, Wow, congrats for graduating high school and going on the next phase of your life. This is my friend, only the beginning. You will be tempted to go out with friends and maybe even skip a few class here and there, but please, go to every class and utiltize every help that you get and let your planner be your best friend. Go to every class, go see every teacher for help, and love yourself! You will never get your youth back, enjoy it and savor every moment. I love you! Lots of hugs and love, Mina


If I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now, there would be a few important things that I wish I had learned earlier. What I would tell myself is stay focused, study hard but still have fun. I have found it very hard to focus and study because all I have wanted to do was have fun; I now know that school is most important no matter what. I have been attending community college for three semesters since I have graduated from high school. It took me failing a class my first semester to realize I needed to get my priorities set straight and focus and study hard for school. I have spent most of the spring semester and all of this semester trying to raise my gpa. With all of the hard work I always have to remind myself to have a little bit of fun to relieve most of the stress. I know time travel has not been mastered yet but when it is, this is exactly what I would tell myself at eighteen, about to graduate and start the rest of my life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have some very important advice to give myself. Now that I have gone through the transition from high school to college, I know what to tell myself to expect. I would tell myself not to worry about moving away from home, just because Im going into college. The college that you are going to attend is close enough to stay at home, allowing you to save lots of money for tuition and books. I would also tell myself that attending a community college is not a slack. You plan on transferring to a four year university, so make the best effort of the time that you are there to earn good grades. Once you transfer, the grades that you earn now are what is going to count! Perhaps the most important advise that I could offer myself is to plan out all of my classes ahead of time. Instead of planning by semester, you can establish long term goals by planning for the whole year and not have to take a rush of classes that dont work together during your last semester.


If i could go back in time as a high school senior, I would convince myself to plan each years classes in advance, so I wouldn't have to pick random clasess at the last minuit to satisfy my degree. If I did this, I could have taken classes that were more focused towards my future plans or that would transfer as credit towards the degree that I am going into at a four year college. Another thing that I would do differently is to contact the four year college to be transfered to sooner, so that I would know what classes will help me once I do transfer, or even enroll in some classes at that school, while attending the community college.