Salt Lake Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


SLCC is a great school to get your general education completed, and to get a good start on your future career and has had some of my favorite teachers, and also some of my least favorite teachers in terms of a quality education.


Laid back and accessable.


The same education I would get at a universtiy for a lot less money.


I good place to begin your college education.


This school is a small, well rounded college that is great for freshman students transitioning from highschool.


Salt Lake Community College offers a variety of class schedules and smaller class sizes; I haven't had a class larger than 35 students.


Small classed, great teachers! The Social Work Department has very knowledgable staff who very versed in their fields. The instructors are freindly and always willing to help if needed.


SLCC is a school with great programs, diverse people and limitless opportunities.


Slcc is fun and inventive, always coming up with new ways to get students involved.


Salt Lake Community College primarily serves as a transfer school for students who wish to complete an associates degree before going to a university; however, it also provides a vast array of majors in which students can fully complete their prospective degrees at SLCC.


Great environment to get an education, the classes are so diverse you get to meet people from all walks of life. There is a class for everyone, the teachers are nice and willing to help you succeed in the class.


Salt Lake Community College is a very diverse school that creates a great learning envoirment.


A Community College that is a great way to start your college education.


a fun place to learn, make friends with everyone, and to get your life set so you can be a productive member of society.


Salt Lake Communty College has a diverse student/faculty with a wide variety of classes to take.


The small campus and the variety of people make Salt Lake Community College an interesting and easy-going place to be, and their teachers, advisors, etc. are interested in student success.


I believe it is a great place to start a college education because of its great variety of majors and courses, it helps you transition easily from high school to college, and it has lower tuition costs.