San Diego City College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The high school age should be focused mainly on exploration. Being in the initial formative years of ones identity, this age group should be sure to maintain a healthy dose of experimentation with life's options. It is crucial to experience as much as possible in these years before free time is consumed by responsibility. Social identity is important, but independent growth must be considered equally important. Students should do as much as possible and save up so that they have a solid and experientially thickened platform to fly from when they reach independence during college age.


I wish I had known that there was no music program.


That mental health services and the student health services were so cheap.


I would have enrolled sooner had I known about the selection of degree programs, the flexibilty of school schedules, the connections between the 3 campuses, the number of off-campus locations, the online and partially-online courses, the Math Lab, the affordable cost, and the ability to obtain a degree that will immediately have an impact on my professional career.


wat i wish i would of have known before i went to city college is that i wish i would of known that college was gonna be the hardest place to be at. i almost wanted to give up because college wasnt as easy as high school was. i wish that i would of knew about all the other opportunities that i could of done. i wish that i would of knew how hard the college life was gonna be before i step foot on campus. even though college is a little tough i will never give up.


I wish that i had decided on a major a little sooner. However, the one i am in now is something i really enjoy and cannot wait to go to class and learn about every day.