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What should every freshman at Sanford-Brown College-Atlanta know before they start?


Having the opportunity to go back to school as a high school senior my advise would be to enjoy every aspect of the moments. That the time of choices is precious and you do want to make the correct decisions for the future. Grasp hold to all that is available to be taught and focus on the direction you perceive your life to be in five to ten years because time will go faster than you can ever imagine so you don't want to waste a minute of it. As you proceed pay attention to the little things as well as the big because the little ones will be the ones that will cause you to stumble. So make sure you have lined all your ducks up in a row so that ever intention will be followed up with a result. Make sure you stay focused for this period of time because there will be many distractions and this will be the real testing point of success or failure. Put your efforts to the positive and run away from all negative perspectives that may occur because the positive will strengthen you for what is to come.