Sarah Lawrence College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Sarah Lawrence College?


Come here is you genuinely love reading and writing, are passionate about your studies, and are politically liberal. SLC favors the arts more than anything so if you're into art/humanities it will be easy to find classes you'll love. Come here if you do better in smaller classes and if you don't like to work for a grade, but for the knowledge. You don't have to be liberal, but most students are so you'll probably be less angry.


Intelligent person that strives for excellence.


To attend Sarah Lawrence, a student should be capable of handling an intense work load. He or she should also welcome the challenges the academic, and artistic programs present. A person attending Sarah Lawrence needs to have an open mind, as welll as strong drive and curiosity.


motivated intellectual indivdualistic independent


Independent, self-motivated, easy going, hard working, able to manage time well; someone interested in the arts


An extremely independent person, and a person interested in learning. Sarah Lawrence has the best faculty, and they are extremely unsympathetic towards students who appear indifferent to learning. So much of the work you do for class is for yourself, and done on your own time, so it's important that students are independent and passionate about class.


A person who is willing and ready to dive into their studies. To study what they are most passionate about and what is most meaningful to them. Also, if teacher student relationships and small diverse class size is something that works for you, this college will be the perfect fit. Sarah Lawrence also pays no attention to SAT/ACT scores based on the educational pedagogy that they we are very passionate about.


Artistic, independent people interested in writing, self-motivated.


Someone who is self guided, who can deal with working on their own and find courses they are interested in.


someone who is open minded and driven artistic and interested liberal and green unafraid and ready. a good student with a big thirst and a readiness for anything