Sarah Lawrence College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Sarah Lawrence College?


Some one who wants frats, to slack off...this probably won't be the best place. Also, it's good to enjoy reading and writing and not talking a lot of tests.


If you aren't academically inclined or curious; if you don't like writing essays; if you don't care for reading all that much - DON'T GO HERE! We're small, eccentric, and frequently dramatic, but we care about learning. We are all equally fascinated and passionate about something, and everyone's different. If you love football...sorry. No luck here. But if you enjoy poring over research, delving into case studies, and challenging yourself with intensive group discussion EVERY DAY, you may well love Sarah Lawrence. Remember, it's not a girl's school anymore! ALL GENDERS WELCOME!


Close minded, unfocused, disorganized


As long as you don't mind hanging out with different types of people, there's no one that shouldn't attend this school.