School of Visual Arts Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Location! The school is located in one of the best spots in Manhattan. You're a short walk to Union Square, and a half hour walk to the heart of it all in Times Square. It's the place to be for museums, concerts, culture and fun.


By far the best part of S.V.A. is the faculty. The professors at the school all work in the field as well as teach, so they are up to date with current ideas, and business practices. They also do not just work in the field, but are the top in thier field. The oppertunites the school and the professors offer are exceptional. S.V.A. and especially the staff make the students feel like they have a real future in the industry upon graduation.


That my school doesn't baby their students and everyone pretty much has to take care of their own problems.


I don't enjoy bragging. If I did I would brag about the fact that my school's in the city and that I will love my career.


My camous


We are the hardest working major in SVA and in all interior design school in the city are no competition compare to us.


I brag about how quirky it is


job placement and famous professionals who teach here.


We have access to studios and camera equipment.


It's in the city! I have everything right in front of me. And once I graduate from SVA I have a succesful future to look forward to.


professional professors, high-quality classrooms, small and intense classes