School of Visual Arts Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

Bea Alyssa

Worst is how all the transfer students from other colleges including AA graduates are enrolled here at SVA as a sophomore when most of us have taken the classes already. We are supposed to be in junior but they won't appeal our classes when the descriptions are the same from the catalogs.


I think the worst thing about SVA is the intimidation level. Before I started SVA, I felt nervous about entering such a world of constant competition as it was, but after I started that changed. Being in this environment almost shuts me down mentally sometimes because of the work that is constantly being put up and changed. Seeing so many brilliant ideas come and go as if they were that easy. I'm left to constantly remind myself that is NOT the case, and I can do just as good, if not better.


The two most annoying spects of S.V.A. are the lack of a centralized campus and the condition of the buildings. The fifteen buildings of the campus are spread across Manhattan. The most frustrating thing would definitely have to be the condition of buildings. S.V.A. is a very expensive institution however, the buildings do not reflect what the students pay. The public spaces in the buildings are made to look quite nice, but the class room, studio, and dorm areas have much to be desired. The buildings are old and not well maintaned.


The school doesn't offer many scholarships for students. It is really difficult to afford for the college since the tuition is really high and the school doesn't seem to provide any help for students, yet they offer full scholarships for international students. Also, the scholarship informations are not clearly stated anywhere in the school website or even if I ask for information through email, they do not respond.


That I can't attend it forever


What i consider the worst thing about my school is the price.


Possibly its lack of "traditional" bearings. As it concerns itself with forward thinking and constant evolution it loses site of a few qualities such as communities one may find at a university via sorority, fraternity, or any other organized gathering.


THe woman


The departments are not at all integrated, which I think is an essential part of attending an art school. The film department is so segregated that we do not know anyone else from other majors such as graphic design, photography, and especially painting unless we go out and seek them on our own via social events or coincidences. The main opportunity to meet other people is at orientation, which, if you are unable to attend, becomes the greatest loss. Artists must be able to work together and learn frmo each other, and a sense of unity is missing.


Although my school is a private school, I feel that the main obstacle that we, as students, have to overcome is tuition. It brings forth unnecessary stress, like debt, and financial problems regarding families. With that taken care of, students will have the opportunity to be more focused, and enjoy a more challenging educational experience. Besides that alone, I feel very comfortable learning from the professors and even our fellow classmates as well.


the meal plan


It's somewhat expensive, (but all colleges are) and the third year animation major are taught by oldies who are not in touch with the current industry, they should teach the first year instead, and let younger teachers teach the third year to help students prepare for their thesis.


Lack of comunication! When there is a director coming in or a special showing of a film they should have an announcement. Sometimes they put up fliers but there are so many things on the walls nowadays i dont even look anymore. Also if theres a film screening, film students should have first dibs after all its is our chance to talk with the director and ask questions. Instead the fine arts dept. is in there looking for some entertainment and then walk out before the director talks.


I think that the fact that there is no campus is a setback. Because this school is in the city, the buildings are spread out and there are only a few small places to interact with one another. I believe this may hinder people from making as many friendships and aquaintances.


My school is very exspencive and they do not give nearly enough money to students! they give almost nothing


no campuse