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What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

Bea Alyssa

We have to be in Sophomore when we feel like we're supposed to be placed in Junior. We pay another $57,000 for this year. :(


The most frustrating part about School of Visual Arts is that it is a very expensive school. Although it is expensive, I am receiving more than half of the tuition as financial aid. I try and look for opportunities everywhere-- such as this scholarship would help me as well. I have always been striving to be the very best person that I can be and have sacrificed a lot for my studies. Since I was young, illustration has always been my dream. For this reason, I believe that I deserve to go to School of Visual Arts.


Long admition process


Even though we pay a lot of money for tuition and housing, the standard of living is so high in New York City that the main dorm buildings are sub-par in comparison to that cost. Then you look around at the apartments in the area and realize that you've only paid a month's worth of that rent to live next door. It's frustrating to know that even as bad as the dorm can get, you can't do much better on a student's budget.


There is no defined campus (since you are in the middle of Manhattan) so sometimes classes can be further apart than you would like. However, being in Manhattan is certainly a plus, so that outweighs this frustration.


My school is located in New York City which is an extremely competitive and expensive city. Job placement after college and internships are difficult to determine and it is often hard to receive advice from career development advisors about future career goals.


The obscenely intense workload that destroys entirley your social life.


Living in New York City and not having a lot of money, so I was forced to move to Queens and cummute an hour each way every day so I can afford it. Also the security is way too uptight and unhelpful. It is a pain to live in on-campus-housing because of them. I think they get bored and take it out on the students, on some sort of power-trip.


The work load is intense and the competition is a can be a struggle and discouraging sometimes. But you learn a lot and you will get a great education. I think it's the best school for graphic design and you really get to express your style if you pick the right teachers that compliment how you learn.


The most frustrating thing is that your work is based on your creativity so you have to stay inspired, and if you hit a little bit of a wall its hard to get your work done until you get yourself out of it.


Some teachers clearly know their material, but don't know how to relay the information in a way that students can understand and learn.


getting all the work for all your classes done on time.