Seminole State College of Florida Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My shool, the satelite school of Seminole State, in altomonte springs, is compact, multi-floor building.


Seminole Commnity College is an educational envirnoment that which conceives polished students for the dynamic oppotunities that await them when they graduate.


Seminole Community College, is a fairly small college that provides students the opportunity to achieve their A.A. at a lower cost and in a smaller setting.


Seminole State College is like having a university condesed into a local community


Seminole Community College has been an aspiring educational experience for me and I have been very fortunate to have had wonderful professors.


My school is open, clean, and the staff is friendly.


Seminole Community College has not changed in 15 years since I first attened and is a well maintained campus with teachers who care about the student's success.


My school helps people get in the right direction for their life--while they are more career-oriented than learning-oriented, they help a lot of people help themselves, in order to get where they need to be.


University Of Maryland- Eastern Shore is a school dedicated to prominence!


Seminole State College of Florida is involved with and helpful towards students, it also provides great instructors and real hands on experience in some cases.


Seminole Community College is a start to one's future.


Seminole State College is a great school to attend, the professors are very knowlegeable, they care about the student's success, they will go out of their way to explain and cover the matrerial. During my journey at Seminole State College , i develop that attitude that as long as Im being myself i will be able to overcome the obstacle that are coming down my way and achieve outstanding academic results. Now Im currently enroll at the University of South Florida thanks to the dedicated councelors at Seminole State college, their direct connect program was very handy in my transition.


A progressive and interactive environment that maintains exceptional standards of faculty and fantastic student support.