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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my past self that life isn't going to be easy. When certain event's happen make the best of them and don't take them has it being the worst thing that happened. Every experience will go through, will make you the person you will be in the future.


The advice I would give my high school senior self would be that there is no shame in being accepted to your first choice school and not being able to go for financial reasons. Every ones financial situation is different and it’s not something to be ashamed of. If you apply yourself and work hard, a community college can get you just as far as any other college, while saving you a whole lot of money. Also most people will not judge you because you went to a community college, if they do, brush it off because their judgment and priorities are skewed.


Don`t stress, don`t procrastinate, get scholarships, have some fun. Listen guy... you`re only doing this once, this will be the last months of being a baby, you got to enjoy it and respect it. The time for you to become a man, an adult, is quickly approaching, so don`t freak out about it, but you ha ve to be prepared. Listen to your parents, don`t get into those online classes dummy, at the very least don`t do chemistry. Work hard, take the harder classes, and ace them like how you`re acing your classes now. Be active, get rid of that extra fat; go for that girl, don`t hold back, let her know that you want her, start by being her friend and see if it will work its` self out. Thus finally, be happy, love your family and hold them tight, love your friends and call them up, and DON`T WORRY, the future you will build with these actions will result in an better one than you know of in my life right now.


Pass calc.


Be ready for the challange. College is much harder than you think it's going to be, and you need to take it seriously. Losing your financial aid is hard to recover, and ever when your grades and GPA recover, the aid may not! Be smart!


Dear high school self, When you stop eating fruits and vegetables for three weeks, defecating will eventually feel like you are trying to pass an iron rod. Two factors make eating right in college very difficult: one, healthy food is often much more expensive than junk food; and two, junk food tastes awesome. You will also discover that many events during your first two weeks of college provide lots of free food (which is also not terribly healthy). There is rarely a voice of reason to prohibit you from downing a dozen doughnuts in 1 hour or having a cheeseburger and fries every day for lunch. While everyone has most likely heard of the dreaded "freshman 15," many people fail to mention the excruciating act of passing stools when your terrible diet also lacks sufficient fiber. It's a bit like sharp, jagged rocks exiting your butt that you must also willingly push through. So try eating a banana every once in a while. It'll save you from busting a blood vessel when you're on the toilet.


Our self-representation, the way we define who we are, takes a role in shaping our life story. What we remember, what we stress as significant, and what we omit of our pass define our present. “Life gives us the test, and then teaches us the lesson.” If there was a way we could go back, anyway that would let us advice ourselves what we know now, a lot would change. Put to practice our wisdom right when life presents us with a test. Senior year, an age where you think you know it all. Truthfully, you have not experienced half of all the responsibilities, life changing events, and difficulties life gives us. I would advise my senior 18 year old self to appreciate what I have, to enjoy the little things, like, only going to school, having your parents support you financially, being able to go out every weekend, having one chapter test, having a research paper due in three months instead of three days, and not having a full-time job. Just feeling young and thinking you have the rest of your life to do whatever you want. Accept change, live life, dream big, and be happy.


The best advice I can give to high school seniors stressing about college is to pick a school that offers the things you want. Don't be afraid to turn down a scholarship or go to a different school than your parents. Make sure you find a school that offers the major you want to explore and if you aren't sure yet take 2 years and go to a community college to figure it out, you'll save money and not have the pressure of chosing at 18 years old. Everyone doesn't know what they want to do with the rest of their life out of high school, I didn't!


I would tell myself only to focus on one week at a time. In the beginning, I often felt overwhelmed by all the work I had to do that I could not simply sit down and complete all at once. I would tell myself not to worry about it, and to make priority lists so I could get through everything efficiently and calmly. Also, I would tell myself to see an educational advisor and formulate an education plan. If I had done this, I would have completed several prerequisite classes for my major. As it is, I'll now have to take those classes at my next university, which will be more expensive. I would also give myself several tips for college writing. I had focused on creative writing previously, and it took me a while to make the transition. For example, comments from English professors are demands, not suggestions! Also, I would give myself advice regarding thesis statements, which took me about the whole semester to figure out. Due to my ignorance here, I barely scraped by with a 'C' in that class, which damaged my GPA.


I would tell myself that even though you have thirty-three credits, pay attention, also to have a little fun and not to be constantly studying. Also to take online classes so you can increase your work hours and lastly to not freak out over college, it's just longer and has more work.


I hope your going to college as soon as you get out of Aviation High. I understand you are unsure of what you intend to study but there are many options for students like you. Community Colleges offer great programs for students who want to get their foot into college but who may not be ready for the commitment of a 4- year university or cannot afford it right away. Many of these community colleges also offer Majors in Liberal Arts which allows you to explore the many subjects offered in universities if you find yourself confused or undecided in choosing a major. There is no need to take time off from school when you have so many options and people in the colleges willing to guide you. Financial Aid and scholarships are always available and it is to your advantage that you stay on top of them. Get more involved in school by joining different programs, clubs, and activities; These all help you for future scholarships, internships and networking as well. Soon enough you will realize that its not just what you do but also who you know that will bring you a step closer to achieving your goals.


Dear Self, Right now you are probably helping Tony do his physics homework, or tutoring a freshman afterschool with what is to you, easy Spanish grammar concepts. You're doing good things Mitra, but I have to break something of extreme importance to you because the fruits of your nonlabor have not been enjoyed. Are you ready? Here goes. It's time to enjoy something for yourself. You have focused too much time on helping others and attending to others' needs to make them happy, but you have neglected to smile, laugh and be happy. Enjoy something now because when you become who I am today, it's not a pretty sight. You have forgotten how to enjoy life and it has cost you a great fortune. Frankly, right now you spend more time appeasing other people's problems than enjoying the moments that highschool has given you to be happy about. Go out. Break something. Go to Steve's birthday party, but be smart. Have fun and be happy because you can enjoy that sweet fruit of nostalgia when you're slogging through Monday morning calculus in college. So, create those memories Mitra. Just trust me. Sincerely, Yourself


I would tell myself to begin investigating what my interests are through volunteering and internships. Although, there is still plenty of time to declare my major, it would be very helpful if I had known even a general direction in which my interests lie. That way I could have at least taken electives focused towards that interest even without knowing my specific major. Now, I am almost finished with my Associate's degree, am getting ready to transfer, and am just now beginning to figure out what I would like to focus on. I wish I could have at least figured out a general subject I knew I wanted to aim towards, that way I would already have many of the general electives for the subject type completed.


After spending over 20 years in a career that I did not intentionally choose, I decided to go back to school to learn more about a career option that I've always been interested in. Going back to school has ben valuable in learning the ins and outs needed for the career path I am trying to break into. I have encountered professors who are extremely knowledgeable in the field with a great deal of practical application also. They have all worked in the field, not just having education for the field. I believe the education I am receiving will be a great benefit when I am ready to work my way into my chosen career field.


It is so hard to imagine that I was a high school senior two years ago and now I am well on my way to becoming an adult with a lot of life experience under my belt. If I were to go back and talk to myself at that point in time, I would encourage myself to listen to my parents who encouraged me to succeed in school and try harder. I would have made sure I spent more time studying and participating in more student activities that involve knowledge about the world and culture. Being in college, I have learned that there are so many cultures and so much to learn but when we are sheltered while in High School it is nearly impossible to take the time to learn all there is to learn about these many cultures and practicies in the averaged four years that college is being attended. I am sure if I were to go back and give myself advice, I would be just as stubborn as I was back then but the life experience I have seen may make all the difference for me.


If i had the chance to talk to myself when i was back in high school i would definitely tell myself to actually try harder in school. Looking back now i really regret not taking honors and ap classes because now all my friends are off at bigger universities and i am in a community college trying to get on track with the same classes i took in high school. I just would tell myself to pay attention and do the right thing in life. I know now how important it was to focus on school like the rest of my friends and i really wish i would have because now i am the one missing out on all the fun college experiences like football games, sorieties, clubs, sports, dorms and roommates. I envy everyone who does get that not because i hate them but because i wish i would have tried harder. I would tell myself that school is the most important thing out there and to try harder especially for scholarships because that is one thing that is slowing me down on my education. Basically i would tell myself to straighten up and not slack off as much.


Hell, if I had this chance I would take it ASAP. If I was to go back to my highschool years, to inform myself about college life, I would tell myself... To take a full load, because staying at a community college for an extended time is not worth it, because your prolonging your career in the real world. Then, that treating school like it's your job is a better attitude than the one I had, treating it like your full-time job, instead of your part-time education. Being more active in highschool, because networking yourself can come back to help you in college, where study groups and your high school peers are around. Also, that during your summer, it should be your only summer you should be working your ass off, so that you can make ends meet in college through working, scholarships, and finding the right school or plan. And finally that with your new freedom of school, there is literally a price and that make the most of it, because you're throwing your money away. You need to take initiative in your life because you are the only one to run it.


Study harder in high school


Don't give yourself any excuses, you are your own greatest obstacle, not your friends and family. Sleep is important, as is nutrition, do not ignore your bodies basic needs for the mere sake of neglect. Women can be distracting, do not let anyone influence you into making a poor decision, in the end things will become much simpler. Identify poor habits and amend them, college is about learning from your mistakes and correcting them. Everything is clear in retrospect, use your experience to guide your choices, you are wiser than you think, and not nearly as smart as you'd like to think, but this goes for everyone, rise above life's challenges and never shy away from a challenge. Most importantly use this time to develop yourself into a respectable individual, when you are finished you should be able to accomplish anything, use your greatest attribute and emulate that quality in all other attributes, do not leave a single weakness unaccounted for. The most important lessons are learned in college, both from listening to others and on the journey that life takes you, be receptive to the messages you recieve but use discretion, not all advice is good.


If I could go back and time as a high school Senior, I would defiantly prepare for college better. In high school I graduated with over a 4.2 and worked very hard to maintain straight A?s in my honor classes. However, I had no preparation with college. I was very ignorant and thought that I could just pay for college through my parents and scholarships. I really wish that I had someone in my family or a friend that I knew that had gone to college and could have talked me through the process. After thinking of what I could do differently, I came up with several ideas. I wish I would have applied for more scholarships and followed up with the applications. I also wish that I had figured out which career field that I wanted to go in to early on in my college, so that I could take classes that only pertained to my career field. I also wish that I had started study groups earlier on in my college to help with the work load. Over all, looking back at my decisions I wish I had just been better educated into the college world!!


As a high school senior I made some stupid mistakes and allowed my grades to slip. If I could go back to my senior year I would tell myself to focus, make the most out of the year, and really strive for more than mediocre. I made some poor personal decisions too which never in my life would do again. I would tell myself the quote that I had used to live by, "The future belongs to those in the beauty of their dreams." By Eleanor Roosevelt, and I would remind myself of those dreams, remind myself that even though things were rough that my dreams were in reach, as long as I kept reaching for them. My senior year of high school my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and I lost focus. I would tell myself then that it will all be ok, and to go after my dreams, because my dreams were beautiful.


As I look back on my senior year, I notice a lot of things that could have been different. I would start off by attend ALL classes on a regular basis and not skipping out on important lecture and decision time. I would also do all assigned material on time and pay close attention to details. Knowing what I know now about college classes and college life, I would have a lot of advice for myself. The first bit of advice would be to always attend class lectures even if they seem irrelevant or boring. If a topic being taught is misunderstood, ask questions. If the teacher or professor cannot answer it right away, they?ll do their best to get back with you. Lastly, I would tell myself to never give up. Try, try, and try, again. You will only fail if you give up and don?t allow someone to help you through the tough times.


Hey Nathan, Don't worry so much things will work out as long as you try your hardest and get adquate sleep, just have fun and focus on school and you'll make it to be me with a little less trouble getting here... and that means doing home work... sorry. Also take the left route, you'll know what I mean when the time comes. I'll see (be) you in two years.


I would go back and tell my self to stay more focused. Throughout high school I was way more relaxed about school then i should have been. If i had tried harder I would have been able to qualify for a lot of scholarships. I would also tell my self to work on my study skills and time management. If I had worked on both of these issues college life would taste much more sweeter.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I will tell myself not to worry so much. As a high school senior, I constantly worried about passing all my classes and making it to college. I would aslo worry about how difficult college would be and if I would be able to pass college. As a college student, I now realize that college is not as hard I thought it would be. College is challanging and at times difficult, but I would tell myself that I can definately pass as long as I work hard and make sure I do not stress the small stuff.


The advice I would have given myself was to not be scared. The transition from high school to college isn't as big as everyone makes it out to be. I would give myself the advice of using time management skills and also do as well as you can on everything you do because these classes are what give you the degree towards your future.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself that college is more expensive than I thought and it would stress my parents out having to help me out. I would have given advice about applying for scholarships sooner and I would have told myself that majors and desires change rapidly. I really wish I would have applied myself more in high school and earlier in college. I only wish I had someone tell me this. Perhaps they did, but I probably didn't listen.


If I could go back and give myself advice as a high school senior, knowing the information that I do now about transition, class work, fees, and other factors related to college life, I would have went about things differently. For one I would have spent more time listening to my mother about filling out scholarship applications and taking advantage of free money. Although I felt filling out one form would be enough, I was wrong! When you calculate how much books, tuition, food, labs, and everything cost, you can never have enough money. Especially if you plan to complete all four years of college. Another thing that I would tell myself is to make sure that I don?t wait until last minute to apply to the school that I desire to attend. Sometimes I would rather attend a school in another county or state. If I would have spent more time researching, I would have made the right decision without any regrets or what ifs. In Conclusion procrastination was basically the problem that I had as a senior. If I would have given myself ample time to complete my tasks, my college experience may have turned out differently. .


If I could go back to senior year, I would definitely tell myself to take college seriously from the beginning. I skipped around in classes alot, "getting a feel for the college life," and I wasted a lot of the free tuition I was receiving. If I had cracked down and thought things through, I could have graduated and been in my Bachelors Program now. I definitely understand now how much of a struggle it is for people to make their own way through college, with no forms of financial aid, and it's really rough. I definitely wish I could go back and remind myself that I need to push a little harder, and give school my full, undivided attention. I've learned my lesson now, but I wish I would have woken up much sooner. Now I'm struggling to stay in school, because I can't afford it on my own any longer. I appreciate being able to learn from my mistakes, but sometimes it would be nice to go back and do it over, not making the same mistakes again.


High school is pretty boring for you but hang in because college is a challange. You may think you have it all figured out but you are so far off. Get rid of the chip on your shoulder. Life has not been fair and you have been through hard times as a child and as a teenager. Life gets harder. Education is the only thing that no one can take away from you. People have a different point of view in college than those in high school. College gives you the opportunity to find out who you want to be not just what you want to be. College has more challanges academically and socially. I know you are up to both of those challenges.


There is so much I wish I could change and tell myself. I wish I would have told myself to take some time to really think my future through. I wish I would have taken more classes at the community college and gotten my general education courses out of the way while I decided what I really wanted to major in. I wish I would have told myself to avoid private institutions and steep college loans. I wish I would have told myself to do more research in the institutions I was interested in. I wish I told myself to focus more on my education then trying to keep a full-time job. I wish I could tell myself to stay on track and not fall behind on the joruney to accomplish my goal of a Bachelor's degree. There is a lot I wish I had done, however, I have learned through experience and struggle and I am using what I learned to right the wrongs and keep faith that one day, hopefully soon, I will reach my goal and begin my life. I see success in my future, regardless of what could have been and what is.


The most difficult thing about going to college is balance--you have to remember where you've come from and how you got to where you are. But at the same time, you have to figure out where you're going and who you want to be in life. If you weigh too heavily on either end of the spectrum, you'll be selling yourself short. I did; I was afraid to let go of where I was in life in high school. I was accepted to a prestigious liberal arts university, but I was afraid to make that leap. It would mean taking a risk financially and leaving behind everything I knew. Now, even though I am happy at community college, I regret not taking advantage of that opportunity. However, I'm applying to art schools that I never dreamed of attending before now, so I can say I've grown through the experience and not all is counted loss. So, my advice to myself is this: let go and leap.


I would tell myself to study harder in highschool, because college life expects more from you. You have to use your time in highschool to prepare yourself for the work that will be required of you in college.


Getting good grades is very important in high school including doing well at SCHOOL exams maintaining a good GPA and getting great scores at SAT and ACT. This would allow you to get scholarships and get accepted at some of the best business schools. Without great scores you will end up attending a community college and then the transition from a community level school to a university is tough as the levels of education vary. Its important that time is spent in studying and putting in the effort at school level so that the best possible grades are attained.


The transitions process from high school to college is very difficult. I could definately give high school senior's pointers on a good path to travel. Giving someone direction along the way can make things so much easier. Sign up for easy classes your first semester of college. First semester is a HUGE adjustment, especially socially, and a lot of kids go off the deep end. Even if you're thinking of taking intense premed classes, perhaps resist the urge for a semester so you don't feel like you're drowning under all the changes. Don't major in something for money unless you know its what you want to do. Nursing is good if you like math , science, people and working long hours. It's not if you hate these things. Know the educational requirement for the job you want . Sometimes a bachelors degree is not enough to find a job in some fields. Find a good adviser. Be careful of large class sizes. Don't skip class!!! Study!!! DONT get unhealthy ( it will make you procrastinate). Have personal initiative.


Knowing what I now know about college life, I would tell my past self to not worry because with dedication anything is possible. Dedication is something I deffinitely had along with the need to look for guidance. Upon entering college, I got involved with the right people very fast and this, I believe, is what has helped me in this college journey. Although everyone is nervous is at first, I became involved in activities such as Student Government and the Hispanic club. Unlike other students, I didn't waste time on parties or other senseless activities but instead I attended various leadership retreats where I learned my strengths and weaknesses, but most of all how to improve them. My actions of the past are what have made me so proud of how my educational experience is coming along. If everyone had the opportunity to interact with the highly intelligent people who helped me, then a lot more student would feel the same confidence in their futures, as I do about my own.


Expect a high GPA from yourself. Don't stop keep going no matter how hard it becomes. Also take your time to know people and make friends. Its not as hard as it seems to be, just do all the work requird and you will make it.


Going back to share what I have learned would encompass three things. The first is that it's ok to follow your heart rather then the expectations of your family. Being comfortable at a school and growing not only as a student but as a person is more important then going to a huge University because that's what people expect. The second is that its ok to be unsure what you want to do, going to college is about finding your strengths, weaknesses and interests, and the people there want to help you to do just that. The third is to have fun. I didn't enjoy my Senior year because I was too worried about everything for the future, you want to make sure that you know how to let off steam, because college is a lot of work and if you can't let off some steam you'll never make it through without going crazy. College is a time to find yourself and to learn and find what you want to do with the rest of your life. The tranistion is different for every person, but college will hopefully be the greatest time in your life.


If I were able to go back in time and give myself advise as a high school senior I would stress the importance of taking school seriously. I would explain the importance of paying attention in class and studying hard.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to take life serious, stop wasting time chasing the things that will not serve a good purposes tomorrow. I would tell myself to quit hanging in the club all night while my homeworks remain undone and have finals to take the following days. Life in college has taught me that education is not just a preapration for life, and make plenty of money, but education is life itself , education opens many closed doors , education takes people to places they never thought they could ever go to, education makes all those dreams and goals become a reality. As a senior in high school, we may never grasp the power of education, we may never understand how strong of a weapon that such lifetime investment is., but as we grow older, and we get in life on our own and it starts throwing many punches at us, we learn to appreciate what we mistreated for so long when we were teenagers. Lastly, I would tell myself to never give up and never surrender no matter how hard it gets.


When I was a high school senior I believed that starting college would bring me freedom and independance., in retrospect I couldn't have been more wrong. Having supported myself throught my education I have struggled to balance jobs, education and the special few hours I keep for myself. Could it be possible to go back in time and talk to myself, I would encourage myself to do everything possible in order to remain with family. In addition to this I would warn myself of the dangers of living life to quickly. I never made time for reflection on what I was doing and consequently ended getting into a lot of bad habits and associating with the wrong sort of people for a long time before I realized that life can't go on this way, some people don't want to change and most importantly that my goals could not be accomplished while partaking in these inappropriate activities. But after all these things I wasn't prepared for in all honesty I don''t think I would wanht to change them because they are a big part of who I am and the dedicated student I have evolved into.


You can save a lot of money by going to community college and living at home, but it's not right for everyone. I feel like I missed part of the "college experience" by going to SCC, but at the same time, I'm much further ahead acedemically because I didn't go away to school.


The advice I would give myself as an high school senior would be to not give up. The reason I say that is because, I didn?t have the help that I do now. I didn?t have the grants and scholarships that are out there. I didn?t have it because I didn?t try. I just GAVE UP. All I had was people expecting so much out of me while I didn?t expect much out of myself. I was looking for everybody else to walk me through it all when really all I needed was their motivation. Just someone telling me to not give up would have been enough. I could have found the money, help and support that was right there under my finger tips. So as of now, I?m not giving up. For my daughters sake, I cant and I won?t. She?s my motivation an my husband is my strength. Life is all about choices, and whatever choice you make, you can?t give up on it. Because you'll just find yourself in the same place. So don?t give up and you'll always find yourself moving forward.


There are many things i would love to tell my younger self. One of these things is to take summer classes. I believe that i have wasted my time by not taking summer classes. I feel as though i could have been done with my two year degree a lot sooner than i have been. Another thing i would tell my younger self is that i really want to be a Music major. I lost a lot of time after i decided to become a Music Major. I had to wait a whole year in order to start taking my classes that i needed to for my Music Education degree. The last thing i would tell myself would have to be to get an educational planning. I think if i would have had everything planned out for me i would be farther along in my college career than i am now. These are a few things that i would tell my younger self. I believe knowing these things would change my life.


The advice I would give to myself would be that I need to make sure my time management skills are up to par. Also, I would need to remind myself during the coming years at college, school is to be my number one priority not my job. Also, remember to cherish the friends you have and let new ones in.


I would tell myself to keep an open mind for new experinces. Also that it is alright to step out of your comfortzone because that is what thsi time in college is about.


High school students should be prepared to plan things well in advanced. They should stash away studytime and get ready to put their social lives on the backburner. Thats the only way they'll survive.


I would tell myself to be smarter with my money, and to apply for more financial assistance.


If I Have to return to my senior year at high school I will advice myself to have first of all better grades. My grades from Highschool unfurtenitly affected my tranfering for the community college. Also, I will advice that If I have to oportunity to take classes in my highchool that will count in my transfer to the college I will do it. I will save more time at Univeersity and also I will ave the opportunity to take extra classes that could help me with the major. The most important thing will be change the way I studied. At college thing are different and the best way to change is in Highschool. Caring more about my classes and study everyday can make a HUG difference in my life and also in my grades.


I might suggest attending Community College before attempting a four year university. I was not prepared for everything that a four year school required nor offered. I would definitely have told myself to stick it out and attend class and get it done way back then instead of skipping classes and flunking out like I did. Those years on campus are some of the best years of your life. Rush a sorority, get involved in campus activities, be a part of your school because real life is not as fun and doing all those things before getting a job and starting a family is something you can't go back and do again.