Smith College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I think because of Smith's housing system and the variety of architecture styles, Smith maintains an academic feel while also feeling very cozy. The campus is technically an arboretum so there are winding paths and labels on the trees so you could learn some plant names on the way to class. Most of the academic buildings look gorgeous and are most of the time covered in ivy. We also have a few modern buildings, like our campus center and the new engineering building. Both are really nice, with large windows to get maximum natural light.


Smith is a liberal, accepting, diverse, wonderful, beautiful (campus-wise) enriching, interesting place with pretty good food and pretty awesome professors.


Studious, diverse,


My school is a highly academic, high stress level, very competitive, extremely rewarding, absolutely painful, utterly disorganised, completely non-accomodating, sweep everything under the rug, helpful, insightful, illness-causing, panic-inducing, georgous, community-creating, connection-making, atmosphere where learning and life changes occur.


Smith College is full of intelligent and active women who pursue not only a higher education, but also many different interests, political, artistic, athletic, and otherwise.


Smith is friendly, hard, and mind-blowing in a good way!


It is an extremely liberal institution.


Smith is a very liberal college that provides a good place to experiment and figure out what you want from life.


Smith is a liberal New England women's college replete with Massachusetts charm and what you'd expect from the North; it is mostly white, largely upper class, but it brings in a strong professorate.


Smith is liberal, energetic, nonconforming, grueling, exciting and fun.


Friendly, but obsessed with being PC to the point of annoyance, and oversensitive.


Rich people who pretend they aren't.


Smith College is like a cat: she keeps you working hard, will sometimes bite, but overall you still love her.


Exhilirating, challenging, exhausting, stressful, crazy, fun, remote, close-knit, bubbled-in, sheltered, wierd, varied, liberal, naked, outdoorsy, pearl-wearing, skinny jeans, some butch and some fem, cozy, space to be alone or with a small group; kayaking, sledding, running on trails, biking, nearby farmland, nearby mountains, must drive to the mall, target on bus line, a short drive to skiing; fyi, the area is relatively lacking in datable men (for better or worse, the good ones are usually taken); fun distractions are avoidable, and therefore must be sought and followed, but are there to be found. Enjoy!


A classical liberal arts education with a funky new aged twist to accomodate all walks of life.


Smith is liberal, active, exciting and demanding.


The newly built Campus Center, nicknamed "The Spaceship."


A look at College Hall, home of the administration and site of regular student protests.


Neilson Library, the main library of Smith College and some interesting facts about the study habits of Smithies.


A look at Seelye Hall, where more classes are held, and some insider info about Seelye.


A look around the Science Quad and the science buildings on campus.


A view of the scenic Paradise Pond and a tidbit of Smith lore you won't hear from any tour guide.