Smith College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


People mostly turn out for what they or their friends are involved in. There is no particular org or sport that is a favorite with the school, I don't think. People will turn out to see Basketball maybe and the Asian orgs do really great things, shows, dinners, speakers. We do have a lot of great speakers though the turn out isn't overwhelming. Getting people involved in your particular project, conference, performance etc takes huge recruitment efforts and is usually your biggest hurdle in planning something. As for social life at Smith, there are different areas of Smith that all have their own personalities and most of the stereotypes aren't far off from the truth. The quad is more social, green street is dead quiet etc. From my experience living in the quad, doors are definitely left open, you can find action on any night of the week going on somewhere, and weekends are definitely party filled. There's a lot of alcohol, smoking etc, but I know that on other parts of campus and in different houses it is completely different. I think that Smith caters to all temperaments. If your straight, dating happens if you have a boyfriend already or you go out to other campuses and find one (which isn't as easy as it may sound). If you're gay, you're in luck because you probably just found the largest dating pool within a half mile radius you will ever be in for the rest of your life. My closest friends are from my house. If i'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday its because I'm finishing homework or I can't block out the sound of the music from my next door neighbors. (Certain random walls are unsettlingly thin and when you're in your room you can hear everything in the hall- though not the other way around.) There are too many traditions to count though they're declining in import and awe. Smith pretty much is just one big sorority and it definitely has its fair share of drama though luckily I have an excellent capacity for ignoring and avoiding it. A Saturday night of not drinking might consist of a movie in town, music at a coffee shop, a concert at one of the incredibly sweet music venues in town, going out to dinner, going to a Smith party sober- which I don't recommend, venturing out to one of the other colleges for some sort of party something, and if you're really adventurous getting on a greyhound bus for Boston or New York. Off campus mostly means town, which is small but quaint with lots of coffee shops and restaurants. Some people will go to the other campuses or Amherst just to get away from Smith.


I don't know what are the most popular, there are so many clubs and teams it seems like you can be on what ever you want to be. I'm on the swim team which is great and has wonderful team unity. I've been on teams before but never one that felt so supportive and like a family. I'm also involved with best buddies a small org but everyone wants to be there and works their butts off for it. In my house everyone leaves there doors open but in the Quad it's different. Athletic events are pretty popular but so are lectures and guest speakers. If your into girls no problem dating, other wise have fun at UMASS or Amherst. Really if you want to date, you'll find someone though some Smithies get creative with internet dating. I met my closest friends the first week and we've been friends since, at one of the orientation programs. People vary in how much they party green street not alot, quad every weekend, you have a choice and everyone respects it.


There's plenty to do off campus and there are school sponsored parties every weekend. Usually on weeknights there's an event or speaker or club meeting but most students study during the week and go out on weekends. The housing system makes it so easy to get to know people and to find a support system. Houses usually host parties, teas, community service projects, and trips and we get some great speakers and concerts on campus.


there are house parties nearly every weekend on the quad: 3 hours of dj, dancing, and free beer (21+ of course). naturally, there aren't a ton of guys around, but you get used to it, and if you want them around, they're only a bus ride away at umass, amherst, or hampshire. there are tons of smith traditions - celebration, quad riots, mountain day, etc. - that are really fun. the house communities are amazing.


Students in dorm, or at least in my dorm leave their room open. i think this really depends on the student's own preference. There is always something to do here at smith, it really just comes down to whether you take advantage of the planned things or not. the partying depends on the house you live in, some houses are more louder and tend to party more then other houses.


There is something for everyone on campus. And if there isn't something you're looking for, it's easy to create yourself. There are parties, there are social awareness demonstrations, there are dance performances, there are guest speakers, there's everything. And if you get tired of being on campus, four other school are just a short bus ride away.


the only quad parties that are worth it are morrow and gardiner. spring and winter weekends are a lot of fun senior banquet is ridiculous we still have afternoon tea on sundays and candlelight dinners on friday drinking occurs whenever you want it to occur


Social life is kinda nuts, but great. i mean if you are able to get off campus some it helps, just depends on what type of scene you like, but you can find it in the Valley I'd say.


Smith tries to have an active social life but it could be better. We have wonderful guest speakers and for the most part, there is always something to do either on campus or at the other four colleges. Since, it is a women's college, there isn't enough men on campus, which isn't entirely a bad thing.


I am heavily involved with choir. I always have been (even since before college.) I was in the first year choir my first year and last year I was in Glee Club and Chamber Choir. This year, just Glee Club. Accappella groups are very popular on campus, too. It usually works out that our closest friends live in our house because there is a very strong Smith community on campus. If I am not hanging out with friends on my free time, I play guitar, read or watch TV.


The social life is really what you make of it. If you want to party, you generally have to leave campus. Northampton has a few nice bars and great music venues, too (so it's not really drinking all the time!). On most nights, though, people are doing homework or at practice for a sport/extra curricular.


Our sports teams don't have a huge following. I think the a capella and music groups attract more supporters, actually. There are always parties here. If we don't like any of the ones on campus, though, we usually head over to UMass.


Most popular groups?: There are so many I can't tell what's more popular. I'm involved in Wind and Jazz Ensemble and Model UN. The groups are really fun and small which is nice to get to know everyone but still fairly competitive at conferences/concerts. Doors open?: when they're not studying/sleeping. How popular are events?: Everyone is interested in different events but overall I'd say everything is well attended. This isn't like high school where most people do nothing. People at Smith are interesting and when they want to go to something, they actually do. I think that's what surprised me most, because I know there aren't this many movers and shakers at bigger schools. Dating Scene?: Great if you like girls. Non-existant if you don't. Closest Friends?: From pre-orientation and in my house. Awake at 2am on a Tuesday?: Either randomly talking with my roommate or finishing a problem set in a frustrated rage. Traditions?: Convocation/Nudity Party, Tea, Quad Riot, Senior Banquet...there's a lot and they're all really weird and really fun. Sororities?: This school is like a big sorority. Last Weekend?: I was at a Model UN Conference, but my house had their Spring Weekend Dance. Saturday Night without drinking?: If you want to drink, alcohol and friends to go with it are totally available, but I have yet to drink here and I always have fun on the weekends. There are tons of school events and parties, speakers, activities, Northampton has lots of fun stuff to do, movies, or homework. Off Campus?: Some people go to 5-college parties or classes. There's also a couple malls, and tons of fun stuff in downtown Amherst as well as Northampton--including the Calvin where really famous people perform.


smith dems has hundreds of people in it. people leave their doors open and their bikes locked.


Various a cappella groups on campus are very popular, such as the Vibes, the Poofs, and Crapappella. They are often conscripted to sing at house events like Winter Weekend, and travel to other schools to perform. Many of the sports teams are a very close-knit community, especially crew and rugby. Each area of campus has its own personality, and each house as well. Some have stronger a sense of community than others. Much of this depends on the size and composition of the building as well; students in large houses or houses that are predominantly singles are likely to seek their friends elsewhere and return home largely for studying and sleep, but smaller houses with many roommates and those with their own dining halls often have a stronger sense of identity, and spend a lot of time together eating, watching tv, studying, or just hanging out in the living room. Different personalities will be at home in different types of houses- those who demand a "haven" in which they can relax or work without interruption may prefer Cutter and Ziskind houses or those on Green street. More artsy, cultural types may prefer Lower and Upper Elm, close to downtown Northampton. The Quad is most loved by gregarious students who don't mind being kept up late by a house party, of which the Quad houses traditionally throw the best. Many athletic students live in this area of campus as well because there is a small gym in one of the houses, and tea (normally on Friday afternoons) is moved to Sundays to accommodate practice schedules. Center Campus is close to academic buildings and perhaps more quiet than the Elm sections. If you want to jump out of bed and be at your class in three minutes, Center Campus is ideally placed, and it is also near the library and Campus Center where you can buy a slice of pizza or a salad to sustain a late-night study session after the dining halls are closed.


lots of orgs, parties pick up after a few weeks. essentially there is something for everyone; whether you are quiet or like a huge party.


Smith has over 200 clubs and activities to choose from. I am involved in the Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, and Orchestra. One of the reasons I love Smith is that I can be in all three groups and still have time for my studies. There are also many lectures and speakers, and they are generally well attended. Theatre, dance, and music concerts happen regularly and are also well attended. Smith does not have a ton of spirit at its sporting events, however. The social scene is another story. Many people are not impressed with the party policy and go off campus to have fun. I usually hang out in my house with my friends, talking or watching movies. Many students are also frustrated with the dating scene, because there are not many guys at a women's college.


Eh. I like the house I live in. Outside of that though, I think you need to get off campus to do things.


Smith parties suck. They're not well attended, the music isn't good, and overall they're no fun. Most people have small parties with close friends. It's common for people not to drink, or not to drink much. The dating scene is obviously rough if you only date men, but pretty great for the rest of us!


Social life at Smith is great. There are movie showing every weekend, lots of lectures/symposium (all are very interesting!) There are some parties at Smith, but they aren't so crazy that they can be heard all over campus. Generally in my house, people leave their doors open or unlocked. There's a lot of trust involved, but it's great knowing that I don't have to be concerned. A lot of things in the area are available at discount for Smith students (such as free rides on the bus system!)


The house system is wonderful, and creates a close knit community. Lots of events happen that do not involve alcohol, although I barely met any boys worthy of dating until I was able to go to the bars downtown (which are great). Still, when there are things happen, the social life is great. When it is the dead of winter things are tougher.


Depending on where you live on campus the social life is a bit different. The quad tends to be where the parties happen and the girls leave their doors open most of the time. I live in center campus where things are a bit more quiet. It is nice to be able to come back to a quiet house after you are out partying. The organizations are a big part of Smith life. Girls get very involved with organizations and they can be a really great way for people to meet friends outside of the house.


Smith has literally hundreds of organizations on campus, so it's really easy to get involved in absolutely anything!


The social life at Smith really is based in the houses. The houses have parties, low-key events, go on excursions...even eating dinner with your housemates is fun. Having access to 40-100 people you might not otherwise meet really broadens horizons. And it isn't like dorm life, where you'll never hang out with people. The houses are true houses, and your housemates become your family away from home.


Smith social life is slightly impaired in my eyes, but it does not detract from how I feel about Smith. You are usually with your closest housemates, and their friends and friends of their friends. You are not usually in a completely new setting with new people. There are house parties sometimes, and many many events in the campus center. Winter and Spring weekends are a lot of fun, and there is a lot going on then. The dating scene is mostly non existent, but you can certainly go looking for it if you want. I think it is nice to go to a school without the drama of relationships, but that is because I am straight, I'm sure lesbians do not feel the same way. Drinking is rare in my circle, but does happen on campus, but almost always it is responsible and in check.


Okay, so most of the suggested topics to talk about are important in my opinion so I am going to cover them all:: 1- what are the most popular groups/orgs/clubs/teams on campus: We are a very athletic campus, so varsity, club and intramural sports are very popular. The Smith DEMS are a big groups as well as our many fabulous a capella groups. In addition, our ethnic/racially based groups (South East Asian Alliance & Ekta) are popular as well. But everyone can find something they love and there are always participants. 2- Do students in dorms leave their doors open? YES YES YES.. on a weeknight, it can take you like 30 minutes to walk down a hall or like 5 hours to do your homework cause our doors are open and we all love to check in and see whats up. It is great for building house community. 3- Athletic events are pretty popular-- the Athletic Association bribes us to come to them with give aways! We have many amazing speakers like Gloria Steinam, Bill Baird, the Dali Lama-- great attendance. 4- If your a lesbian on campus, then you have tons of people to choose from on this campus alone, but if you are straight you need to work a little bit to date. You need to be willing to go off campus to events and parties to meet guys- but it is possible and not difficult. 5- I met my closest friends in my house, but walking on campus any given day you see tons of people you know who you could be friend with from class and groups, but you spend the most time with people from your house. 6- If i'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I am probably procrastinating doing a big paper with friends, or watching Friends. Otherwise, weeknights I try to get to sleep no later than 1. But, if you are up that late, there is guaranteed to be someone somewhere to keep you company. 7- Traditions: Convocation: crazy costume/naked party in the JMG hall to mark the beginning of the school year and then partying in the houses til the wee hours of the morning. Mountain Day: President Christ calls a day of no classes on a beautiful October day and houses go apple picking or hiking. House parties: each house has one or two, themes, alcohol if you are over 21, dancing. SO MANY MORE, but i really need to get work done today 8- The partying on campus varies. Different types of people/houses party differently. A lot of people party only on the weekends, and often only one weekend night because we have a lot of work. But otherwise, there are some crazy parties, or some nights of drinking wine and watching movies with your friends = ) 9-Saturday nights w/o drinking:::: watching movies, going to the mall, having a dance party in the hallways, doing homework, playing board games in the livingroom, arts and crafts, slumber party! 10- Off campus: PARTY AT FRATS, TAKE CLASSES, GO TO PERFORMANCES/EVENTS, MAKE MALE FRIENDS.


There is always something to do on campus every night of the week. Smith offers great clubs and organizations as well as great guest lecturers and other on campus events.


There is too much to do on campus. Unless it's finals week, you could fill your entire weekend with parties, lectures, field trips, concerts, shopping trips, movies, community service, etc. Not to mention the house activities or activities on the other four colleges' campuses. Then there is just relaxing with friends, watching movies or tv (free cable); if you don't feel like going out but want some more excitement, there's the campus center pub, a little bar on campus, where on the weekends you can grab a drink in your pajamas. The only thing Smith doesn't offer are fraternities or sororities. Many students are concerned that at a women's college, you won't meet men. Judging from the number of guys I meet at breakfast on Sunday mornings, it can't be too difficult. Your biggest problem will be finding time for you homework in between social activities.


There's always something going on somewhere on campus. Also house community plays a big role in the Smith experience. There are house events, support and in general always someone up a t 2 a.m. if you need to talk. :)


The social life is pretty lame, I think. People who stay up until 2 AM are probably doing it because of a test or assignment. I prefer to go into town to satisfy my social cravings.


My social life is entirely centered around my house, so I'll talk about that. I'm involved in my house government, which is annoying sometimes, but good because I want my house community to function well. My best friends here are all from my house, and we eat together, watch tv together, study together. Most people leave their doors open, or are willing to have visitors. There are parties nearly every weekend that I don't go to for the most part, but are however quite popular. The dating scene is interesting, because if you want girls, then probably just staying at Smith is your best option, if you want guys you can go to UMass, but they might not be of the best... quality. Some effort is needed, but it's not that bad. Each year we have a few big events, like Convocation (uhhh, I don't want to scare you), Mountain Day (a spontaneous day off in the fall), Rally Day (a celebration of the seniors and some alumnae), and Primal Scream (the night before finals at 10pm we go outside and let off some steam).


most popular group is probably smith dems. many sports teams are popular too... it depends a lot on the house and community as to whether someone will leave her door open or not. my friends and i hang out around the house a lot, maybe go downtown and hang out there. there is always plenty to do that doesnt involve drinking which is really nice. there are a lot of drinkers and partyers here though.


Some times in the year people are more willing to leave their doors open or take part in social events. As the semester progresses many times people are too busy and stressed to participate, which cultivates the culture of stress Smith is becoming notorious for. My friends and I rarely drink and often watch movies together, get coffee downtown and sometimes go to shows.


Popular teams: crew, rugby, ultimate frisbee. I'm involved in crew - it's fun but it's a big commitment. We wake up before 5 every day and race all day every Saturday. Students definitely leave their rooms open - you know everyone in your house. Athletic events are mostly attended by family and friends of athletes. Guest speakers get varying audiences depending on their topic and how well publicized they were. Theater is pretty available and seems well attended. Dating: girls date girls, some people arrive with boyfriends, a few find five college boys. My closest friends are from my house and crew. Awake at 2 am on Tuesday means you're working on a paper that's due at 9. Traditions: convocation, primal scream, rally day, streaking the cc etc. Sororities are only available off campus. Last weekend I raced, went to an alumnae tea and did homework. Saturday night: go to a party but don't drink, watch a movie with friends, go to the mall (roller skating, laser tag), contra-dancing in Greenfield if you've got a ride, go to a performance. Off campus there's shopping, movies, bowling, laser-tag, roller-skating, ice skating, dinner, cafes etc.


Social life at Smith is what you make of it. There are often too many activites on a given night or weekend between stuff in the houses, campus-sponsored events, music concerts, theater, lectures, free movies, stuff in town, stuff in the other 5 colleges, etc. Your closest friends, though, are in your house. They are your family for four years, automatic community. Smith traditions keep community alive, as well as house governance. On a given weekend, I could spend time loafing in someone's room with a group of close friends, all piled on a bed eating take-out or party-hopping in the Quad. There are always events that do not involve drinking, it is not an integral part of Smith social life but it does happen. Dating can be hard if your straight, but not impossible.


Well, during the week if you are up at 2 am in Gardiner House you are doing one of two things: freaking out about work or drinking. My house parties quite often, however we try to do so in a responsible manner. Smith lacks a party scene (its has deteriorated significantly in the past five years). This is the biggest down fall of Smith. In addition to not having parties, Smith does not provide any alcohol training for incoming students. This could be a huge reason why our first-year students tend to binge drink so much.


i avoid them.


Smith is by no means a "party school", but there are more options available on campus for fun then I had imagined there would be; free movies, speakers, dance and theater performances and dance parties come immediately to mind. I am very involved with the Smith College Democrats and we often leave Smith on the weekends for campaign trips and events, which is a great way to love Smith and not get sick of it.


Smith has quite a few extracurricular groups, ranging from "Minorities in the Sciences" and the BSA to political groups, debate, sports teams, etc. I have yet to find a group to be involved with, however. We get a lot of guest speakers and various alum panels to discuss industries/majors. My house does not have any incidents of stealing that I am aware of. My door is usually open and I rarely lock it. I am closest to the people I live with. Smith has a lot of events and school traditions, such as Mountain Day and Rally Day, Quadstock, Quad Riot, various house rivalries, etc. A lot of school pride is generated from these events. There is virtually no dating scene. The only typical social events that we have are "house parties," which are excuses for men to show up at the college in order to find easy sex. One is better off getting off campus to the surrounding schools if they want to find meaningful relationships with men/other people. The Rec Council shows movies on the weekends; one can eat in town or see performances/movies; there are usually things going on that would not necessarily facilitate drinking. My sleep patterns have me up at 2 am on most nights.


The Quad is the party area of campus where pretty much every weekend involves wild partying, while Green Street is stereotypically quite and studious. There are many other options for those who do not wish to partake in such activities. During the week, there are many interesting speakers and other on-campus events to attend.


Smith is not real college. There are parties and drinking, but generally not to the extent at other colleges. As a transfer to Smith I was relieved there was both the party scene and the strong academics. You can find it all, but if you want to drink every night you have to look a little harder.


If you're gay, this is the school for you! A great dating scene! If you're straight, you really have to be outgoing and work at it to meet guys. The house system is amazing. I'm very close with the people in my house-- we eat together, hang out together, everything. Most of my friends live with me. Smith gets a lot of really great speakers, and the talks are well attended. Parties are pretty tame and end really early, but they're relaxed and fun if you don't expect too much out of them. In my experience, there's a lot of weed and drinking, but I think it depends on where you live (some areas of campus (Green St.) are known for being more quiet). There won't be wild parties, but if you like chilling with friends, I think the Smith social scene is fun.


At least in my house, everyone leaves their doors unlocked and oftentimes open throughout the day. It's a pretty trusting environment, and it feels like a family. Most people live in the same residence all four years, so it becomes a very tight-knit community with all sorts of quirks and traditions. For example, my house does Big Sis/Little Sis, First Snow Party, Assassins, No Talent Show, and a host of other things every year. It's great.


I'm really involved in my house community, which I love. My favorite part of the house system is Friday afternoon tea, which is definitely unique to Smith. Everyone gets together for some sort of snack (usually pastries, cheese and fruit) to talk about their week. We also have themed teas, ranging from salsa lessons to safe sex to no-talent shows.


Northampton is lame. Nothing going on. Should have gone to NYC school.


Though I don't have a lot of time for extra-curricular activities (too much homework), there is a lot of in-dorm socializing going on all the time. People regularly leave their doors open, or loiter in the halls, so there are plenty of people talking at any given time. Other houses have a lot of communal activity centered in the living room or other common spaces, and often houses organize group trips to larger events.


I never have time to hang out with anyone. My social life consists of meeting up with study buddies and working on chemistry homework. I am social chair of my class so I try to get involved in some way, but any other way is difficult to fit in.


It's lucky my friends here are so amazing because otherwise there wouldn't be much to do. The activities Smith organizes are ok but mostly related to academics. The parties aren't a ton of fun and usually my friends and I end up at someones house just hanging out. Also there's such a huge workload that a lot of the time we're too tired to go out. In the beginning of the semester we were much more motivated to meet guys but there really isn't anywhere to meet them. However doors in houses are almost always open and people from all different brackets of age and grade are open and friendly to each other.


What are the most popular groups/organizations/clubs/teams on campus? Groups and organizations- Student government association, democrats, all the ethnic groups, some kind of art group – whether it is music or theatre, House Council Teams: Crew Team! Rugby, Frisbee, Soccer Tell us about groups you’re involved with? Crew Team: awesome, biggest team on campus, one of the largest division 3 teams in America. It seems like everyone at Smith at some point and time joins the team. Over the past 3 years the team has come in 2nd nationally twice Orchestra: great, just late night practices. We have played at Carnegie Hall which was pretty awesome! Tour Guide: There’s lots of us, I give a tour at least once a week Student Government: I’m involved, this school is run more by students than any other school I know of House Council: There are 35 houses on campus, each house has a council running the house. It’s awesome! Great way to get involved with your house and know everyone you live by. Do students in dorms leave their doors open? While I’m at home yes. Hopefully when you leave the building or at least on weekends no. But in 4 years only heard of one person ever having something stolen from their room. How popular are athletic events? Not at all. Guest speakers? Some are popular. It depends. There are lots of them though. Theater? Somewhat popular. Tons of Theater, music, dance, etc… performing events going on campus all the time. Tell us about the dating scene? If you are strait- what dating scene? If you are gay, I guess there is one. How did you meet your closest friends? I lived in the same house as them, or was on the same team as them. If you’re awake at 2am on a Tuesday, what are you doing? Homework, going to have a snack at the diner, or involved in some serious awesome conversation that is either very intellectual – or just an amazing bonding moment with a friend. What traditions/events happen each year? So many. Go to the Smith website. Email a smith student to ask about more! House Teas every Sunday 4pm, Candle Light Supper every Thursday night, Convocation: at the begging of the school year the night before school starts. We teach all the first years in our house, our house chants, we all dress up in our house theme and go screaming to the main hall on campus our house chants and just make noise the whole convocation about how our house is better than everyone elses. Quad Riots: in first two months of school – huge food fight on the quad Mountain Day: one beautiful day during the first two months of school – at 7am the president cancels all classes for the day. Float Night – look on Smith website Quadigras – carnival on the quad – it’s fun Rally Day – In the Spring Semester – school is cancelled – first time seniors can wear their graduation gowns. Sophomore Push- Sophomores helping out with reunion and senior week and graduation Junior Ushers – Juniors helping out with reunion and senior week and graduation Ivy Day – Day before graduation, and during Alum reunion week. All the seniors line up by the presidents house and on a path leading into the quad where a ceremony is held. All Smities have to wear all white, but those who are alums wear white shoes, all other smithies wear black shoes. All the seniors lining up carry a rose and the alums by class year parade through the seniors by class carrying really funny inappropriate signs. It’s just an amazing moment! Illumination night – Night before graduation – the Whole campus is lit up with japenese lanterns and a cappella groups are set up all over campus singing to seniors and their friends and families. It is gorgeous! Diploma Circle – During graduation – as seniors are organized by house, not alphabetically – they get the wrong diploma. So after graduation they all get into a big circle and hand around diplomas till everyone gets the right one. This takes about 7 minutes. It’s sooo cool! How often do people party? Really depends. For example my first two years – hardly ever – maybe once a month. Junior and Senior Year – on average once a weekend. (Obviously sometimes not at all – sometimes twice a weekend) Really depends on your group of friends, how much your involved in, what your work load that semester is like, what your priorities are, etc… How important are fraternities/sororities? There are none. What did you do last weekend? Stayed in Friday night and studied, then watched some episodes of my favorite tv show with a friend snuggled up in bed, Saturday morning – team practice, Saturday – work, Saturday night – party at Amherst, Sunday work. What can you do on a Saturday night that doesn’t involve drinking? Go to a party or a bar, or a club and not drink, go to the movies at the theater or at Smith, go to some performance art concert or theatre show, go bowling, go to restaurant down town, play games in your house, go to stand up comedy show, go to a concert down town or at Smith of some famous person or up and coming famous person, watch tv with friends etc… What do you do off campus? I go to Amherst or UMass to party off campus, I go to eat off campus down town, I go to shop down town or at one of the 2 malls near by, I go to study at a restaurant down town or at a mall nearby, I go to concerts down town, I go to movies at a mall nearby, I go bowling down town, I go skiing or tubing off campus, I go visit friends at other colleges within 2 hours nearby. There are also great parks near by. I go rowing off campus. I go to restaurants, clubs, and bars down town.


I don't think there is a most popular. I'm involved with the swim team/cross country they are great they kept me from transferring. Some leave doors open....atheltic events arent popular at all....others are. Dating scene:Its way too difficult to meet a guy TOO easy to meet a girl...I met my closest friends on the swim team..tuesday 2 am- engineering HW....convocations.quadriot.rally day you name it....people party all the time...last weekend I did homework/worked out chilled with friends....not drinking and having going to the parties and dancing/watching movies/going to a campus-eat/concerts/dance/sporting events